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4.5 (38 comments)

Review №1


The customer service or lack there of is apparent. It’s hard to get personnel to answer their phone, they suppose to stay until 6pm but often times leave before 3pm. If there is an issue with access it’s very hard to resolve the issue as it’s hard to communicate with them. Potential new members can’t sign up as no one can enter the gym without card access & even if they could get in no one knows if or when management will be there. Not very customer service oriented………..

Review №2


Pretty decent gym. Weird layout but decent gym. $45 a month could be lower. La fitness is $30 for me.

Review №3


Overall the staff treat you like family. The gym itself is clean and has the appropriate equipment to fit anyones goals. Whether it be getting stronger, getting quicker, or just toning up.I would also like to note the memorabilia on the walls. It creates an atmosphere that encouraged me to do better, be better. Overall this is a new school gym with an old school vibe.

Review №4


Apparently theres no staff on Fridays? Tried to sign up for a membership today but I guess Im gonna go to another gym.

Review №5


Good gym overall. Could be better in a few things that makes gyms go from good to great. One of which is the the poor routine maintenance of equipment. Equipment has to literally fail in order for them to recognize the issue and it could take up to 3 months to fix it. Always out of towels. I really dont understand this issue as is a very small issue to fix. This is a small gym. How difficult could it be to purchase towels and launder them? Its something that youd expect all gyms large or small to execute efficiently. Other than that the gym is good overall and even though it has its issues Id still refer anyone to it.

Review №6


I was in town on business staying at a nearby hotel and needed a place to go workout. I called up this place and they said for a $10 day pass I could come work out anytime throughout the day which I thought was pretty reasonable. The owner was very friendly and welcoming. The gym had a pretty cool unique atmosphere, and they surprisingly had a very good selection of equipment. Definitely exceeded expectations. If I come back to Columbus for anymore overnight business trips, I definitely plan on coming back here.

Review №7


The best gym for total fitness. Its a great environment and filled with true lifters. I hate giving it good reviews because I dont want it to overcrowd, but its the best gym Ive ever been to. #facts

Review №8


Very disrespectful owner. I called the gym to pay for my membership just before a long weekend when they would be out. The owner took my information and told me my gym card would work fine. I went to the gym the next day and was unable to get it. Their numbers dont work on weekends so I couldnt get access to the gym till Tuesday. She might have had an issue with the card but never called me back. I sent an email explaining my frustration and the owner responded in a manner that was quite rude. I then called their number and explained my situation again expecting some level of understanding. She told me it was my business if I chose to stay or leave but Apologizing for your inconvenience wasnt something she would ever say. At some point she even asked me why I wanted to stay. Its one basic rule of customer service to treat clients with dignity. Its a great gym. By all means go but if I am going to spend my cash somewhere, I expect some level of respect.

Review №9


My favorite gym! Its clean, plenty of equipment, plenty space, friendly staff and a welcoming environment. As a woman, its important for me to feel comfortable and safe at the gym. I left the $10 a month gym for All Fitness and it was totally worth the $30 per month. I even get an employee discount through my employer, so I pay $25 per month. No contract, no auto deduct and truly open 24/7, 365 days a year. I kinda dont want too many people finding out about this place because I hate crowded gyms. But this gym is worth the praise.

Review №10


Pros: This is one of the best gyms in Columbus (I would know because Ive visited all of them). All of the equipment is very nice and there is a good selection. Its rarely busy because the management limits the memberships given out. Its 24/7/365 which is awesome. There is also a flashy fitness studio with a huge movie screen that teaches things. Or something like that. I havent used it. Membership is around $40/month plus about $60-70 in fees, but this is pretty fare considering the quality of this gym.Cons: Bizarrely, there is no water fountain. They sell bottles at the front desk for a dollar but if youre like me you drink more than 16 oz in a session. Hopefully your water bottle can fit under their sinks. Their music is top 40 although this is pretty common for gyms. Chalk is not allowed, so bring liquid grip if you need it.

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