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The best place in this shopping center is el canastonπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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I go here to get some nice wigs and i love the big lots.

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I like this store great and friendly customer service and good selection

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Yes, im very grateful for this location, they had the product I was looking for.

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They finally did something to the parking lot and the empty stores are now occupied

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Nice place with friendly staff and plenty of inventory of a variety of beauty supplies to choose from. The prices are reasonable as well. And, there’s plenty of parking. I’ve found good, useful products there I. The past.

Review β„–7


The customer service has hone down. We were seated by the service door and waited an hour for seating when a table was ready for four.... that was the special table.. later we saw 5 white guys seated. I guess they have priority at this establishment. Food was good tho

Review β„–8


I was there today.. And the lady that was working. She is every helpful and kind... During the holiday s....i had to WALK THERE..And i didnt have enough cash on me. But instead of me putting my milk back SHE came out of HER on pocket. $4. So i would like to thank her again...there are still people who care.

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Big Lots , I was in to waste time and ended up shopping. It was clean and stocked in areas I shopped. The cashier wasnt warm at first , but conversation she warmed up and did her job well.

Review β„–10


Too much trash on the parking lots. Im guessing from the bars, and beauty supply. Big Lots was nice and clean on th inside. Also, on the weekend, the music is so loud from the bars on either side of Big Lots, that you cant even hear the person youre with! So sad for employees

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