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Phone: +1 770-869-2887
Site: http://www.avonleaontheriver.com/
Opening hours
  • Monday:11AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–6PM
  • Thursday:11AM–6PM
  • Friday:9AM–6PM
  • Saturday:10AM–5PM
  • Sunday:12AM–5PM
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Total reviews rating 3.9

45 Reviews for Avonlea on the River Apartments 2023:

Review №1


I lived here a little over a year (moved because of a job in a new state) and I loved it! I have never had such a positive living experience. I only needed maintenance a few times and whenever I put in a service request it was done the next day, if not the same day. I never had any issues with bugs/pest and crime was non-existent. It is in a very safe area, convenient to grocery stores and other amenities. Staff and neighbors were very friendly. If I didnt have to move I wouldve absolutely continued my lease there.

Review №2


Lived in this apartment community for 7 years and when I left, Gina was the only person who was still here from the first day I started living here. A great and extremely helpful person, words are way less to describe how amazing my journey has been here. Gina and Austin make a great team and they both are extremely professional and excellent with their approach with tenants. Austin is a polite and super friendly. The staff is extremely prompt in services. Overall, I would highly recommend this place.

Review №3


I really like this property! It’s not brand new, but it’s well kept and that actually means so much more to me since I plan to stay here for awhile. Amenities are nice and it feels like home. I forgot to mention the community has some really fun events compared to my last apartment I lived at.

Review №4


I have enjoyed living here and wish I could stay longer. I am moving to Macon for work so I have to leave. Everyone is so friendly and helpful on the property. If I move back, I am definitely coming back here.

Review №5


Good community. I have been living here for more than a year now. Most of the buildings are renovated this year. There are bunch of activities happening throughout the month. Good management.

Review №6


I just got settled into my new apartment. And I am super pleased with everything about Avonlea on the river. But first I would like to give a very special shout out to Austin , he made my moving in experience so smooth. From answering all my questions and always getting back to me by email or phone call. Austin delivered outstanding customer service.We are so happy we moved here. Avonlea on the River is definitely the right place to be, if you looking for a peace of mind and comfort. Thank you guys. ( Nerissa )

Review №7


I am so happy since I moved here! The property is beautiful and very well kept. The staff are amazing and very helpful! Thank you!

Review №8


I never been so happy at home. Staff is superb. The property is very clean and is always a pleasure to call home.

Review №9


I will begin with the fact that I was never even afforded an opportunity to live in this apartment. I had financial impacts from 2020 and my circumstances are not perfect. However, I was never evicted from any apartment and I did not owe any apartment any collection or fees. In fact I went into credit card debt to make sure everything I owed was paid at the end of my last lease. I was upfront with them about this at the time of application. I received an email from the leasing agent stating everything looked great. I was prepared for an approval with a deposit. Nope. DENIED. Based on rental history, which only includes late payments. Never unpaid. Never evicted. Nothing. Apparently fair credit and a few late rent payments qualifies you to be homeless. When I called and asked about adding a co-signer to my application, that was the last straw. Gina, the assistant property manager, was rude, condescending, and essentially said don’t bother. Co-signer or not, a few late payments on your rent ever in the past regardless of a global crisis gives her and the property the right to flat deny you. No deposit. No co-signer. Nothing. So I would encourage anyone to take their business else where.Oh, and I paid a $300 standard deposit at the time of application. It’s been two weeks, I’ve yet to receive that money back. And the 200$ in app fees are non refundable. There are nicer property’s and nicer people in that area, shoot for them.

Review №10


I absolutely love my home! It is so beautiful here! I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied!