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Phone: +1 404-343-2446
Opening hours
  • Monday:5–10PM
  • Tuesday:5–10PM
  • Wednesday:5–10PM
  • Thursday:5–10PM
  • Friday:5–10PM
  • Saturday:10AM–10PM
  • Sunday:10AM–9PM
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Total reviews rating 4.3

199 Reviews for Campagnolo Restaurant Bar 2023:

Review №1


We never go for Italian food, but weve made an exception for here ~ absolutely no remorse in our decision.Things you should know:I. PARKINGWe just parked for free along the street: Piedmont Ave NE.II. SERVICEWhat made this 5 stars. Our server was extremely personable and accommodating. Dont forget to ask for the bread service while you wait on your order. Its on a request basis only.III. QUALITYFresh. Out of all the things we ordered, Id say I recommend the Fritto Misto the most ~ its tangy, crunchy, and full of texture and flavor with the marinara dip.IV. CAPACITYThey fill up quick and are in high demand. Definitely recommend reservations if you can plan ahead. If not, I would try and come around opening time.

Review №2


Nice dining on the patio on a springlike evening. It’s near the corner of Piedmont and 10th (where tire rubber burns sometimes). I had the chicken piccata, and it was seasoned to perfection with two large moist pieces floating in lemon and capers. My wife had the tagliatelle bolognese - she was torn between that and the lasagna. Ultimately she was happy. We also shared a meatball/polenta app and a side of grilled Brussel sprouts in a wonderful balsamic reduction. There was also a bottle of bubbly that entered into the mix. We will return.

Review №3


A great dinner experience can be had at Campagnolo because the staff is friendly, service is quick, and the food is tasty and priced well. Sobia guided us through the menu and wine list with precision. Rudy oversaw our food as it was prepared in the kitchen and delivered to our table. We enjoyed the Herb Arancini and Calamari as appetizers. Then there was Lasagna Matta and a bay scallop dish to share for dinner. The lasagna is so creamy and full of flavor. The dessert round brought us tiramisu, a chocolate tart, and another tasty something with a forgotten name. We can’t wait for an opportunity to return. With service and restaurants suffering today in so many places, it was very refreshing to have our food and drinks delivered quickly and accurately, thanks to the great staff at Campagnolo.

Review №4


My first visit to Campagnolo last weekend was a pleasant surprise. The establishment is has a quaint little charm with intimate seating, outdoor seating and seats right in the action so there’s a vibe for all. The night I was in there was a piano player adding to the experience and created a piano bar vibe which I enjoyed. The drinks, food and service were top notch. I will most definitely be returning.

Review №5


Sobia is the best server! She’s friendly, personable, and all around the best server I’ve had in a while. I brunch at campagnolo often and the food is always great but Sobia made it a even better.Also they have the best French toast I’ve ever had. You must go!

Review №6


Friday night date night with my wife. I could write pages of how great the food was, but the service was amazing and unparalleled. The staff was very attentive from the bright smiled hostess to the manager coming by as soon as we sat down to say Mark will be with you shortly. Mark was awesome! Food always came out piping hot, he checked in with us regularly and at the right times. Amazing service makes great food just that much better. Highly recommend if you have never been!

Review №7


Upon walking in we were told we needed vaccination cards to prove we are vaccinated. Thankfully we had some vaccine cards on us, however, this isn’t NYC and it isn’t mandated in Atlanta and shouldn’t be a practice.Other than a few patrons at the bar, the restaurant was empty on a Friday night. This was a little concerning, but I am sure that having a Vax Card is a big reason for this. Once we were sat, we ordered the Beef and Pork meatballs as an appetizer served over creamy polenta. Note to the chef, if you can’t cut a meatball with a fork, then it is too dense. It was hard and dry and tiny. Seemed like it was a few days old and reheated. The polenta was ok, but bland. Someone in the kitchen needs to find and learn how to operate a salt shaker.For our entrees, we chose the Chicken Piccata and the Lasagna Matta. The piccata came out with two incredibly small chicken tenders. The entire meal was flavorless and bland. It was served in a soup around the noodles. This must have been the attempt at the piccata sauce. The 7 capers they had in the sauce did little to fix the taste.The Lasagna came with high praises from the waiter. Once we got to the actual lasagna, it was actually good. But they covered it in so much cheese that we had to dig to get to the meat and noodles. The cheese made for a layer of grease that was walled off with some of the noodles to make the rest edible.For dessert we went with a chocolate cheesecake. This was a brown hockey puck that had clearly been frozen and then refrigerated. It was hard on the outside and as dense as the person who came up with the Vaccinated only rule. It was just bad.Final tally….Hard Pass.Since there is no way to reply to your reply, I figure I would update my post. Not once did you come to our table. And yes, the pictures do look good. But you can put lipstick on a pig and underneath, its still a pig. The meal was not worth the money. Your response shows me that you dont take criticism well. I have reviewed well over 100 restaurants, from a chick fil a, all the way to Michelin rated restaurants. You fall in the category of Wendys. If I eat at Wendys, I have a certain expectation. When I pay $150 for a meal, Id like to not need pepto bismol for the next week.Now you can use this to upgrade the way you store and prepare your food, or you can keep the chip on your shoulder and think you will survive with you bar up front. But hey, Gordon Ramsey is always looking for new places to fix on Kitchen Nightmares.

Review №8


Great food, nice location. The food was delicious and the drink menu had lots of quality options. Wine and cocktails were both great. Ended up visiting multiple times in a weekend trip to Atlanta for both dinner and brunch. Staff are very friendly and the service was great. One of the highlights of my trip!

Review №9


This was our first time here and we sat outside on the patio. Great choice for a breezy and light feel to the atmosphere. The food was also really great (the lasagna especially) and our server BOOTS was super charismatic and attentive.We will definitely be back :)

Review №10


Absolutely delicious. Fantastic ambiance. Personable and Efficient staff. Perfect date night, special occasion, or just in the mood for a great meal. 9/10.