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4.8 (41 comments)

Review №1


I love Capsule! I had been with CVS for years but when my employer changed my insurance I had to find another pharmacy and Capsule was in my network. I chose them because theyre across the street from where I live but Ive found it is more than just their location that works for me. First off, free delivery! And, without trying to sound lazy, they even deliver to me across the street! On top of that, they have wonderful customer service, are proactive and prompt with their communications, and they are so sweet! They literally sign off their texts with Love, Capsule. I love them!

Review №2


A delivery pharmacy that actually delivers as promised. I saw a card for Capsule at my doctor’s office and after having tried several pickup and delivery options, Capsule is eons above the rest. Quick, helpful customer service. Easy for doctors to communicate with. Free delivery and discrete packaging when delivered so you can even receive at work/office setting. Can’t recommend them enough!

Review №3


This service is wonderful! Communication is a breeze and refilling your RX couldn’t be any easier. Tameka our most recent driver was SO nice. All the staff from delivery people to pharmacists has been excellent.

Review №4


If you are tired of standing in a long line or waiting an unreasonable amount of time to pick up a prescription, I highly recommend using the home delivery service thru Capsule Pharmacy. The service is the best and in most cases you get your prescribed medication the same day, delivered by very friendly couriers. I will never use a traditional pharmacy again after using Capsule!

Review №5


Be careful with Capsule. My first couple of deliveries went fine but the third one had problems with delivery and they overcharged me. Even after they had correctly charged me prior to delivery, they reversed the charge and then processed a second payment which was about 5$ more than what was owed. I have been waiting for them to reply to my customer service inquiry. Funny how when it comes to money they dont reply as quickly. 😒 Also, my delivery driver went to the wrong apartment and had me walk over there to get my bag. I found that to be unprofessional.

Review №6


Finally, a pharmacy that actually works! I’m surprised more people don’t know about Capsule…I’m sure that will change soon. They have incredible customer service and were right on time with my delivery! Sayonara, CVS

Review №7


For capsule to be tech innovation they really offer personalized care. I had a lot of questions, switched cities, switched doctors and just a lot. Lena took the time to help me navigate those issues. When my frustration had me ready to quit, Lena really saved the day and my relationship with Capsule. The pharmacist is Atlanta was very responsive and worked with Lena to find a solution for me. Lena asked me questions along the way and made really feel like I was partner in my care. I love Capsule!

Review №8


AMAZING CARE!I was loyal to local pharmacies, including CVS. My neurologist uses this pharmacy and until recently I only had them filling meds from him.While severely sick, CVS informed me they were behind and too busy to fill my scripts, leaving me without meds for 3 days. Once I transferred to Capsule, it took less than 12 hours for my scripts to be filled and delivered. I was updated along the way and treated like an entire human being. For this, I am so grateful to have been introduced to Capsule pharmacy.

Review №9


I’m scared to tell anyone how much I love this pharmacy because I want them to stay amazing and not become overwhelmed.Seriously. Gold star service. The app, the ability to text for help, I LOVE this pharmacy. They’ve spoiled me for all other prescription filling options.

Review №10


I looovvvvveeee capsule!!! The best customer service ever! They bring my rx right to my door, free delivery. They handle everything when it comes to needing a PA or refill. If you’re not using capsule you are missing out!

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