Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta


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4.6 (199 comments)

Review №1


Cool hall of fame with alot of interactive activities. We loved the fake college game day broadcast studio, karaoke and jump game. My kids really enjoyed the scavenger hunt and The games on the lower level. I wish they sold the jerseys and we were looking for Michael Wick but sadly couldn’t find him anywhere. Hope he gets added as well.

Review №2


Had a great time at this museum. Went here with my brother and family friend. I love the interactive activities that they had. I did the jump for you team and I got 33.24 inches. That meant that I had the 3rd best jump. You get to choose which school you want to represent with the interactive activities.

Review №3


Nice place. Very informative, they should think about adding more exhibits and maybe an area that focuses on school bands and fight songs. As well as an exhibit area of just Mascots. Its worth the entrance fee but much more could be added.

Review №4


Came here for the annual Sundresses and Seersuckers after party. I had never been to the hall of fame and didnt know what to expect but the venue was really nice for the event. We had access to the entire place so I was able to peruse around and explore while sipping a cocktail. There was tons of memorabilia and lots of nice sports themed art pieces. Im not a huge college football enthusiast but I appreciate knowledge. Im happy I came to experience it.

Review №5


What a great experience! I suggested a trip here to my husband, who is an avid college footbal fan. He was like a kid in a candy store! Theres a lot to see, exhibits and activity, including becoming a virtual quarterback. And there is half of a field there where you can try your passing and kicking skills. Its a good way to pass a few hours out of the heat, and even for me, who dislikes the game, found it interesting. Plus I enjoyed watching my husband have fun!

Review №6


Really enjoyed our visit in July 2022! Loved the wall of helmets and the trophy cases. Enjoyed the areas showcasing college gameday, tailgating, traditions and the game through the years. The scan card was a cool way to see exhibits unfortunately several were not working. It was fun getting to see so many things in one place especially having a som who plays for Tulane. Maybe they’ll be added as an exhibit after having to play, this season, being relocated for a month after Hurricane Ida.Also, cool to see Joe Burrow’s Player of the Year trophy too!Was an awesome place to spend the afternoon.

Review №7


I enjoyed this more than I thought I would considering Im woefully ignorant when it comes to where players went to school unless my husband tells me. The memorabilia was great, loved the trophies, and I enjoyed how everything was laid out so you could see how different areas like safety, training, rules and uniforms changed over time. Bonus that they actually had a piece from my alma mater, URI (Rhode Island)!! The only drawback was it was echo-y and could get extremely loud very quickly.

Review №8


Had a really good time there on New Years Day 2022! Really appreciate free tickets to active duty soldiers. I like how the museum highlights the unique aspects of college football from tailgating, recruiting, traditions and the evolution of the game as a whole. The scan pass card made many of the exhibits come to life in memorable and engaging ways. As a former college football player myself, the hall brought up a lot of nostalgia and got me excited for the future of the game itself.I would have liked to have seen something mentioning walk ons. Even an exhibit on the Burlsworth Trophy, given every year to nations most outstanding player who began their career as a walk on. Even more exhibits on the individual trophies such as the Butkus, Thorpe, Guy, Maxwell, etc. As the game evolves, it’d be nice to see the hall incorporate the transfer portal, NIL deals, social media, conference media contracts, etc. into its presentations.I kicked a field goal the first time I visited but this time around I knew my knees would fall apart if I attempted haha.Bought a sticker out of the store but I was hoping there would be more representation across the nation in there (I understand SEC/ACC country being down south but the hall should represent the game across the nation). Vinyl stickers/magnets/postcards of stadiums, mascots, traditions, trophies, etc. could all be sold in there.All in all an awesome place to spend an afternoon, good for all ages no matter what previous experience you have with college football. I think every visitor can find something unique to take away from the college football hall of fame!

Review №9


We got a chance to come to this amazing place on our last day in atlanta and I really liked it. I enjoyed walking around seeing the displays, info about certain big college football games and info about college football teams . One of my favorite parts of this place was the football stimulator(or whatever name it is called) where you throw the football towards the goal area. I got a chance to try that out and although I almost got it it was still fun to try out. Another part of this place I liked was where you go to the screen and they allow you pick the team and you get to sing the mascot song for it which was pretty cool and I also got to try out the stimulator where you jump a few times and in general I enjoyed seeing all the displays and info about college football games and the info about college teams and even some players. Overall this is a really amazing place and I Definetly recommend it if you are a football fan or sports fan in general

Review №10


First time Ive ever been to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and it was great! I got to see my favorite team play and my seats were well worth the price paid for them! I will definitely be going back. I can say I was a little thrown off by everything being card only because I made sure that I had enough cash just for the food vendors. I still had a great time overall!

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