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Phone: +1 844-872-5425
Opening hours
  • Monday:1–8:30PM
  • Tuesday:1–8:30PM
  • Wednesday:1–8:30PM
  • Thursday:1–8:30PM
  • Friday:1–8:30PM
  • Saturday:9AM–2PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.7

172 Reviews for Columbus Martial Arts Academy 2023:

Review №1


My grandchildren have been going here for about 7 months and they have learn a lot from the coaches. They don’t just teach self defense. They teach how to be helpful in the community. How to be kind to others. How to be a leader. My granddaughter made me stop the car so she can get out and help an older woman put her bags in the trunk of her car. Made me so proud . Thanks everyone at Columbus Marshall Arts Academy. for helping make my grandchildren a better person

Review №2


We signed up and let them know the day that we signed up that we wanted to cancel in 30 days because we are moving out of state. The owner let me know it was not a big deal and we would only be charged the one time fee and uniform fee. They continued to auto charge my card after i left the state with a no refund policy and when I informed them that I talked to the owner and was not to be charged. Billing told me the only way to cancel is in writing to the billing department (which is a third party entity, so the academy can dissociate themselves) and 30 days in advance. So when you cancel after they already stole your money they can still charge you again the month after if it is less than 30 days. So my one month I signed up for turned into 2 and I wasn’t there for 1.Besides the billing horror show. The instructors were amazing and patient. I loved that my child was able to interact with other children and positive role models to help enforce discipline. He had a great time learning and contouring all the movements. The instructors are will trained and prepared for each lesson and it shows.Thank you for all that you have done for my family, we do appreciate all the hard work and dedication.

Review №3


Since the beginning, the classes have been focused on making sure the student strives to become their best. If my student or any student needs help the coaches take their time to show them after class. The disciplinary measures are great. No student should interrupt the overall class progress. My student has learned control, discipline, and how to be more extroverted around new people. My student has been introduced to projects that help others in need and to reward those protect others, such as donating to the Ronald McDonald House and even providing food to First Responders. Although there are numerous examples to show how great this organization has been to my student, we would like to say that we appreciate what you have done for my student.

Review №4


Absolutely love CMA! Our oldest son has been attending here for about a year and we’ve watched him really start to grow into himself since then. The instructors are wonderful and I love how much they care about their students, both on and off the mats. CMA focuses on success both in martial arts and outside their doors in the real world and teach important lessons that they can carry with them for life. I would highly recommend giving them a chance. You won’t be disappointed!

Review №5


I lived in Columbus after leaving the Army. As a father it was important for me to have my daughter take realistic applicable martial arts training.Many TKD and Karate schools are watered down, have zero self defense application and are nothing more than sports/gymnastics.Columbus Martial Arts had structured after school programs and summer programs that focused on the importance of education, respect, honor, discipline and loyalty.The actual martial arts training is applicable to real life self defense which not only gave my daughter confidence it gave her the ability to defend herself against an attacker if ever in that situation.I highly recommend Columbus Martial Arts Academy along with Colton and the team there.

Review №6


Our child is very active and was very excited at first to get out on the mat and learn. She had a hard time understanding why she had to keep moving to the back of the group as more kids showed up. A three year old does not understand that they are being moved back because they do not have as many stripes. This really bothered her and none of the instructors took the time to explain to her that is why she was moved to back when more kids showed up. Then during skills review week they make sure everyone gets all their stripes (which she did), but then she had to sit on her dot during the whole class during testing week because she was not there long enough to get a new belt (even though she could complete all the skills). Now, she is with the same kids, but once again is moved to the end of the class because she is the new kid, not because of her skill level because she was not allowed to test for a new belt.Some instructors are great with the kids and some just seem to be there to follow a curriculum and not really teach or connect with the kids. Our child ended up refusing to go onto the mat. Only one instructor really encouraged her to go on the mat, but if he was not leading the class she was not interested.After carrying her out of class we asked how to cancel and the lady at the front desk gave us an email to send our cancellation. Now a month after sending that email I’m being told the way to cancel is to set up an exit interview… REALLY… IT TAKES YOU A MONTH TO RESPOND TO MY CANCELATION EMAIL? My child has not been to a class in a month and no one reached out make sure everything is ok???? NOT WORTH THE MONEY. Not a positive experience for our child.

Review №7


My 4 year old son was having trouble in school. I enrolled him in Columbus Martial Arts Academy and his behavior has improved so much. Coach Monica is very stern and encouraging just what my son needed.

Review №8


Word cannot express how grateful I am thatwe found Columbus Martial Arts. They have changed my childrens lives. They gave my children a voice and self-confidence. When we joined, we joined a family! That is so important to us.

Review №9


CMA has been amazing. Our daughter is learning self defense, which is what we have desired her to do. She has developed self confidence and self discipline as well. The staff is awesome and very attentive to each child.

Review №10


My 4 year old niece attends Columbus MMA. I came to watch her class and I was so impressed. I’m a public school teacher, and I noticed immediately how well-structured and age appropriate the class was. The instructors and assistants were all so positive and they adjusted to each kid’s abilities while making everyone feel included. Great job! My niece is learning so much.