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2.7 (60 comments)

Review №1


I post reviews when service and quality or are outstanding or exceptionally poor. I understand that in Covid times we are all doing our best, however at this pharmacy there’s a total breakdown of communication and apathy for the customer. They literally just don’t care.If you read my other post you will see that 90% are positive therefore it takes a lot for me to make this post. I know that they are busy being directly across from the hospital however CVS needs to step up and pay more to find quality people to take care of their customers as they are charging a premium. I am now moving my family to another pharmacy.

Review №2


For the maybe 5th time, this CVS has simply not filled my prescription. And lately, instead of just not filling it, they actually mark it in progress so I sit waiting thinking something is happening. When I finally call they say its back ordered or its expensive and we didnt know if you wanted it.Thats fine but why not call?? Im sick as a dog and waiting on an antibiotic and they dont even bother to call. I stupidly assumed the website had the accurate info. But no, apparently this particular backorder isnt actually ordered, its just not going to get filled. And instead of telling me or even noting that there was an issue on the prescription status, they just... Did nothing.I know, fool me once and all. But honestly I assumed a pharmacy would see that it was in their best interest to, I dont know, keep their customers alive?

Review №3


Went to pick up rx after er visit was sitting and waiting and was told to get out of the chairs for two other customers who just came in to get vaccinated. Im pretty sure chairs are first come first serve AND the had two other chairs for vaccinated patients behind the curtain. The process was rude meanwhile Im now having to stand while I wait in extreme pain. Will not be back if I can help it. When I asked a different pharmacist what was up with that she said all the chairs are for vaccinations only when I recommended a sign she said well ... usually the chairs are full. Um maam that doesnt make any sense. Will take my business elsewhere and will encourage ALL of my neighbors to do the same.

Review №4


Extremely unprofessional pharmacy staff. I will not be visiting this location again and I dont recommend anybody who cares about their health care go there either.

Review №5


Not a great experience with the pharmacist today. I chime those who have had a terrible rude person who was not interested in helping them. It was unpleasant and unsettling. I am going to move my prescriptions to another store, I will complain to corporate and CVS will never see another one of my dollars. The store is run by unprofessional, untrained staff, and I can forgive this, but not the pharmacist. I welcome the discussion with the store management.

Review №6


Came here to make passport photos for my newborn daughter, was sent to take the picture at home because they claimed not to have how to take the picture there. I did that, when I came back the same idiotic sales rep who sent me to take the picture at home with my phone, said she didnt have a way to print the picture from my phone as a passport picture.Hopefully shed get some help to be more sensible next time...

Review №7


I had the unpleasant experience of dealing with pharmacist, Kimberly Vu. Not only was she extremely rude, she flat out refused to provide me with a booster shot that I had SCHEDULED and WAS ON TIME FOR! She even tried to pick a fight with me over the counter and told me “if you want to fight about it, we can” when I told her that I had an appointment. It’s unbelievable to me that a person like that can be working in this field with that type of diabolical attitude. totally disgusting and vile human being.

Review №8


Caution: Pharmacy opens at 8am; however, the pharmacists have been late to in my experience.

Review №9


Purchased the morning after pill. Staff recommended the generic. It worked! Awesome experience.

Review №10


They gave me the wrong prescription pill amount. Very inconvenient and not something you want to rectify when already under the weather. Very disappointed

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