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4.8 (128 comments)

Review №1


I enrolled my kids in swim class and they had their first class yesterday and I was really happy with how it turned out. I wish I had enrolled them in sooner. The room was heated as was the pool. My 4 year old wont get in cold water and he did pretty well. My 6 year old loved it! They also gave a nice bag of stuff for enrolling: a t-shirt, googles, and a card game. After their lesson today both kids got a ribbon. My daughter was beyond thrilled. The swim teachers were very friendly and professional.

Review №2


Swim instructors are always very patient, and both my kids enjoy learning from them. They have fun, while simultaneously learning important techniques. The staff at the front desk is always very nice and helpful.

Review №3


Excellent.The swim coaches are professional and gentle with the kids. The company takes pool contamination very seriously which is a good thing. There is an age limit.

Review №4


There are multiple things I like about Goldfish. The reason I began using Goldfish was the heated pool. My kids are small and when they progressed to the stage where they were moved to the bigger pool at most swim schools it was not heated and very cold and they would shiver uncontrollably. It made my children hate swimming and they wanted to quit. After enrolling my kids, I really appreciate the instructors. Most of the interactions we have had have been very positive. They are motivated and caring and it is reassuring that they all seem to follow the same guidelines. The facility is perfect for watching my kid swim as well. The other places we have gone to you are sat directly next to the pool and that can mean getting wet or having to sit and breathe in the chlorine smell of the pool the entire time and it can be rather loud. I also appreciate the hair dryers and changing rooms. it is nice how easy it is to get my kid ready to go home after their lessons. The staff is always friendly and professional and the facility is clean and well taken care of.

Review №5


I have been going there every Wednesday and Thursday for two weeks and today I was there like usual but as I was in the pool with my son I was told I couldn’t be in there because I was not on schedule for some reason so as embarrassed as I was me and my son got out of the pool to go talk to the lady up front she checked on her computer and I was not on there to be there she said I was only allowed Wednesday at 11am but not Thursday I had been going both days and thought I was paying for two days she said no I also thought they were using my makeup class I had from last year she said no they never put in your class she said if you want I can do that for you I said no why would my make up class not be used before being charge so I can get my makeup classes out of the way but instead I was charge and my makeup class were not being used! Sad to say I was not very happy and decided to leave and drop out after all this!

Review №6


Pretty cool experience, my son loved it. Weve had swimming lessons at another facility but this one had more of everything you need. One of the things I appreciated was the waiting space for parents including a view. Its nice to be able to watch without being splashed. The teacher was nice, the showers right next to the pool, the water is warm and they have water extractors for the childrens swim suits! The only thing that wasnt a little noticeable was how busy they are, my sons was in a lesson with 3 other children and its a lot of people in at that time, but we made it work. We only stopped attending because we moved! Great place.

Review №7


We just had our first class, and it was soooo amazing! we had such a great time, learn to trust and learn while having fun. It was also a great bonding time with my son (2yrs). He loved it so much he did not want to leave!

Review №8


I want to thank Ms.Jenkins for being so patient with the kids. I’m really enjoying the bonding with my daughter as she learns how to swim. She always looks forward to seeing Mr. bubbles and Elmo.

Review №9


I am so happy with this facility. Even though their schedule was pretty full, they arranged things so they could accommodate my 2 children for lessons quite quickly. One of my children has special needs and can be quite difficult to work with, but they have calmly worked through his outbursts. Aaron has been great with him! I appreciated very much how easily the special needs situation was handled. Usually you will get referred to a specialty facility and there are long waits and evaluations. I so appreciated that this facility readily agreed to work with him and said that if he needed additional help, they would put another person in the pool. I cant tell you how wonderful that was for me. It is often so frustrating trying to get special children a normal experience. Thank you!

Review №10


I love my childs teacher Cameron! She has an incredible amount of patience and it is very evident that she is gifted at what she does. Not sure if this was her Goldfish training or if its natural but she is a true gem at this facility in Johns Creek. My child is always excited to be in her class. I also appreciate the warmth in the atmosphere from the other employees too. The facility was always clean prior to Covid-19, but they have truly gone above and beyond to ensure that each changing stall is clean before and after use by any family. Love it here!

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