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Phone: +1 706-729-0187
Site: http://www.harborinnseafood.com/
Opening hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:11AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 3.6

199 Reviews for Harbor Inn Seafood 2023:

Review №1


Food absolutely scrumptious. Love the hush puppies. Our server, is absolutely sweet. Best peach tea Ive ever had. Service excellent. Seafood platter is yummers. Will DEFINITELY come back to eat.

Review №2


This is the most disgusting sea food place I have ever eaten. I am from out of town and we have a Harbor Inn where I live so I decided to try this one. They were not the same. The Shrimp tasted as if they were freezer burnt and out of a bag. The hush puppies were full of grease and tasted sour. The best thing on the plate were the French fries. There wasn’t enough ketchup or tarter sauce to cover up the taste and it left a God aweful after taste. We spend almost 50 on two adults and two toddlers for food we couldn’t even eat. We literally just left it on the table.

Review №3


Food was hot....jumbo shrimp were huge and pretty tasty....hush puppies were fried to hard but tasty....good sweer tea...super empty inside....had me thinking something i didnt know being from outta town🤣🤣🤣....i would go back

Review №4


The waitress was amazing and we took the time to tell her how amazing she is. But, the place is NOT the same. Everything has gone up. Do not use the online menu as reference. Management has not updated it and please dont take your frustrations out on the waitress. Thats what management is for. The waitress we had only made $20 in tips all day and I promise it wasnt her fault. Shes trying to survive the pandemic too and $20 dont pay the bills.But, the place looks and feels sad now. The vibe is gone. My husband and I had our first date here almost 20 years ago and I can tell you it hurt my heart to see what has become of this place. The food is ok. But much higher for less and theres no love in the food at all.

Review №5


I am not one to complain but the seafood was not fresh. It tasted like it was from the freezer. The grilled steak was not grilled and had no flavor. It looked as though it is as baked. The server was nice and the murals on the walls are nice to look at. We had been here before but it has been years and we were satisfied then. Not very happy this time.

Review №6


Not the worst food I’ve ever eaten but certainly not the best. First things first: whose going to be our server? Two of the FIVE ladies standing around finally drew straws to decide who would assist us. This I could deal with. What got me is when we asked what kind of seasonings they used and the server boldly proclaimed “I have absolutely no idea! I know she uses some kinda red stuff”. I guess my sideways look made her rethink that response since she quickly said that she could go ask. At any rate, the food came, one piece of my salmon was super fluffy the other med-well and neither was seasoned. Nor was our shrimp. The chicken wings were decent. Meanwhile, another party walked out as our same server apparently didn’t put in their order at all and felt that they’d waited too long. Overall decent time but not worth a second date. Ciao!

Review №7


The waitress was good. It took at least 10 minutes to get seated and that was done by the cashier that told us to sit in the end booth by the door...if it was clean. The cashier was VERY RUDE and had attitude with everyone that came in. The waitress took our drink orders and then left. She came back with our drinks and the menus. We waited AN HOUR for our food. Our main course came out before our appetizers. The food tasted frozen and not fresh. After eating (15-20) minutes, we finally got our appetizers. We had to take them to go, because we were ready to leave. So NOT worth the $60. Will not be returning again.

Review №8


The place has great staff and atmosphere. The deviled crabs were a bit dry, and not very good. The hush puppies were wonderful!!! The sweet tea was NOT sweet. I really loved our waitress, though!!

Review №9


First we have been eating here for overR15 years.I understand prices have increased due the economy.With that being said:1. The quality of the food was poor to say the least.2. The quality or portions were reduced to about 1/4 of the previous plates.3.The price had increased almost 7.00 per serving since our previous visits.4.The tables were even sticky after we requested a second wash down.5. TO CHARGE FOR COLESLAW I THINK WAS THE LAST STRAW.6.. This is positively our last visit to HARBOR INN. WE WISH YOU WELL.The change of management or ownership will be the end of this establishment.

Review №10


This was the nastiest food I’ve ever tried to eat. Wasted our money. I felt sorry for our server for having to listen to our complaints. She was really sweet, but it wasn’t her fault that the food was awful!!!! Beyond awful!!!! The only thing fried with cornmeal breading was the hush puppies. They were from a frozen bag, I’m guessing. The shrimp was NASTY! Breaded with only FLOUR. Overcooked! My husband’s flounder was extremely thin(hardly any meat) with FLOUR BREADING! We could not eat the stuff. I never write bad reviews, but I would not want anyone to waste their money on this restaurant.It use to be a pretty good place with the older owners(beforeCovid).