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4.3 (38 comments)

Review №1


I was doing some school shopping for my son & decided to stop there to look for a book bag. I expected to be greeted as we entered the store, but that didn’t happen! I over looked because my son wanted to look around. As we were looking around, no one asked to help us at all! So we found a book bag & stood in line to checked out. While standing in line I noticed there were 3 girls working there that were either talking or on there cells phones, needless to say not working! So the one man that was ringing up the customer in front of me, said to one of the girls to take care of me. She had a very mad look on her face & said VERY RUDELY, “are you paying with card or cash”? I said cash not realizing that her register only accepted cards.She said again in a VERY (rude voice) “you’ll have to wait until he’s finished, referring to the man’s line beside me. I said to her, “if I can check out now, I’ll use my card”. She never explained the situation with the card, so I had no idea it mattered! As I was finishing my transaction, she says again in a rude voice, do you want to put the book bag on your back or do you want to wear it on your back? The gentleman beside me in line spoke up & said I’ve never heard of putting it on your back, neither have I? But I asked for a bag. Needless to say the service was beyond Terrible! I hope that management will fix this problem, so that no one else has to experience what we experienced! I also want to add that I don’t want anybody to lose there job over it but just fix the problem & train the employees correctly.

Review №2


Bad business here where managers and employees hold newly released sneakers from the public to resell at a higher price.. i will never shop here again .. that’s not how business should run from people who are suppose to lead and manage from a customers point of view …!!!

Review №3


Bought a $50 pair of Nike leggings that ended up having a hole in them after the first wear, looked like seam rips. Went to try to return at this location because nike has the 60 day return policy even with tags off/damage (since a $50 article of clothing should be able to withstand 60 days.) The employee told me there was nothing she could do since the leggings didn’t have the tags. Don’t ever buy from here, the return policy is absolutely ridiculous.

Review №4


Had the shoes that my wife and I were looking for..

Review №5


Great prices and wonderful employees.

Review №6


Best place to order shoes

Review №7


The only complaint I have is that it was HOT in there. It made shopping miserable. My son and I walked soaked in sweat.

Review №8


Today I went there with my two boys looking for running shoes. There were 3 boys with uniforms, no other customers. Passed just by them. Looked for about 5 min and didnt find what we looked for. On they way out passed by the boys again. They were more interested in sharing what they did last night instead of at least asking Did you find everything okay. Sorry Hibbett, I will be spending my money somewhere else.

Review №9


Good customer service

Review №10


Great Stor has one of the best shoes ever,they never disappoint

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