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  • Sunday:1–5PM
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4.6 (136 comments)

Review №1


The pros:- they have something for everyone (can also be a con)- no contract to join- decently priced, especially if youre in the military- multiple shower and locker facilities- good hours of operation- childcare is availableThe cons:- equipment is outdated and not well maintained- workout areas are small, especially during busy hours- parking can be a pain during busy hours- understaffed during the holidays- workout areas and equipment are not cleaned on a regular basis- no deadlift platforms or enough powerlifting/rubber plates. Hope you like hearing 315 lbs being dropped on a concrete floor with minimum padding!

Review №2


Came to this location with intentions to get a gym membership, no one cared to acknowledge me what so ever. Asked the lady at the front desk where can I get information on getting a membership she said she could help, she said this was her second week so understandable. She gave me a brief tour and advised the man at the front can assist me if I was wanting to move forward with a membership, still no one acknowledged me while I’m standing right in front of him you would’ve thought they had people lined up all the way outside the door. I decided to just leave and I will look for a gym that’s more welcoming and just have a better energy/vibe within the establishment.

Review №3


Nice gym with friendly staff. They have several good classes that I enjoy, however Id like to see more yoga, pilates, Barre, and other body weight classes instead of the Body Pump - but I know that they only have the one fitness room and they have to offer the classes that are most popular. The equipment is in good condition and the facility is clean. I dont have any problems with other members and I feel safe working out at this location.

Review №4


My daughter was there for parents night out. She was shy at first but the staff made her feel comfortable. When I came back for pick up she was definitely happy and asked when she was going back. Thank you for looking after my little one.

Review №5


Best fitness center deal in the city. Everything you would ever need to stay in shape. They actually even have bicycles with tow carts for the kiddos.

Review №6


Today was my AquaFit class. I really enjoy this class as I stretches my back. Both instructors are amazing and the class itself is encouraging and fun.

Review №7


First time I worked out in years I was able to do all the aqua fitness class. I loved it!

Review №8


I give this gym a 3.5....if their PUBLIC-WIFI was better I would give them a 4.5....but the WIFI sucks...if it rains it barely works

Review №9


Great location, great staff, parking gets a bit crowded later afternoon/early evening but ample parking street-side. Great pool, racketball court, plenty of equipment, and daycare for the kids. Reasonably priced. Good locker facilities also. Highly recommend to anyone living downtown.

Review №10


I love this gym, I truly do, but they gave me literally over a YEAR of problems trying to get low-income assistance. They had no compassion for the fact that everything was closed because of Corona and you couldnt get a hold of anyone, I spent months driving/calling here and there for the paperwork I needed and finally had to get certified snail mail from the IRS to prove my lack of income. I was then told that wasnt enough, since I dont work and my tax return shows no income I also had to bring paperwork proving I dont get Social Security, disability payments, or TANF and show how much I get in SNAP benefits. Am I going to pay for a gym membership with food stamps or disability money? Wow.This is supposed to be a Christian organization, but they charge a premium to attend when you have it and if you fall on hard times you have to show them your entire financial history in triplicate to get some assistance. There is only one woman who handles the financial stuff for everything at the location on MLK and, Im sorry, but shes not very nice a lot of the time and treated me like I was lying about my situation. My mother finally started paying for me amd my daughter to go because it all got so frustrating after so long I just gave up, thats honestly the only reason I was able to come back.I love the gym, its facilities, the childcare, and most of the staff is great, one woman even went out of her way to help me after I was charged not knowing my membership was unpaused, which I will NEVER forget! But unfortunately my experience trying to get some help from this organization will always leave a bad taste in my mouth. Its a great place to go and to take your kids as a gym and childcare center, but make sure you dont need income assistance here!

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