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3.4 (199 comments)

Review №1


Extremely disappointed. Decided to sign up for a lifetime membership for the 10 days I was going to be home from college for the holidays. Was initially told that they would be able to cancel my membership after 20 days and I would receive a prorated rate. This is what I agreed to. When I returned to the club later in the day to workout the woman at the front desk explained to me that they were no longer going to be able to offer me the prorated rate and I was going to have a pay for a whole month. A little annoying since this is not what I agreed to... But there was nothing I could do and it was still worth it to me to pay for a full month in order to use the club for 10 days. I was promised several times my membership would end automatically one month after I had signed up and in the end I would be paying for a prorated December as well as a prorated January.....effectively totaling just one months worth of charges. Unfortunately thats not what happened. Now Im 200 miles away at school, unable to use the club, and Ive just been charged $109 for the whole month of January. This combined with the prorated amount I had already paid for December is way more than I was initially promised. I cant believe Lifetime would blatantly lie to a new member and former employee like this. Would not recommend.

Review №2


Gym is great. Facility is amazing. Staff is good so far(havent had any interactions really) the reason I knocked off 2 stars is mainly the people that go there. We have had a few rude encounters while minding my own darn business. Seriously considering going back to a small gym because of it.We all pay a silly amount to be here. You have no more claim over anything than anyone else. There is more than enough of everything in here. Just move to the next one and keep your rude comments to yourself. 🙂

Review №3


I’d been a Lifetime member since 2008 and My 3 kids and I love our second home, Johns Creek LT. the kids club and the group fitness classes are outstanding, led by true caring professionals who always keep it fun and exciting to attend. We have used every service offered from the Cafe to the Spa and the kids club activities (summer camps and more) to the pools and rock climbing as well as the diverse classes and well maintained equipment. I can honestly say I’m very pleased and happy to be part of this club.

Review №4


I don’t normally write reviews but feel the need to share this unfortunate experience. I have been a loyal member of Lifetime in Johns Creek for many years and had referred lots of my friends to this gym. Yesterday, I invited a friend to come to the gym and was unaware that guest pass cannot be used past 8 pm. My friend came around 8:20. The front desk person, I believe name Shosaya, said that he absolutely cannot come because it’s after 8 pm. I told her that I was unaware of this “after 8 pm rule”, and that he lives an hour away and drove specifically because I invited him to check out this gym. She wouldn’t budge. Next, looking for a compromise, I offered, to get my friend on my membership as a new member, so that he can use the gym ( since he drove 1 hour on Saturday evening), she declined. And, when I tried to contact the manager of fitness, she said “I do not consent to this phone call”. She wouldn’t let a potential new member to visit gym because of 15-20 minutes, was extremely rude, and obviously on some power trip. In all honesty, I don’t think that it would be such a big deal to let in a potential new member to check out the gym, especially if they took an hour of their time to drive specifically to do this. I highly think that Shosaya doesn’t understand how to work with clients and being on power trip is more important to her. If she doesn’t understand that because of the clients, the gym is functioning and she is working there. Front desk workers are the cover and face of the gym. And this is a bad impression. The facility is great though, clean and friendly.

Review №5


There’s no service after 7pm on weekdays except the friendly front desk team. No staff on the second floor. The bathroom on the second floor is not taken care of. The lock on a stall is broken for over a month, no napkins in dispenser, no toilet paper, trash cans are overflowed with used/dirty napkins and trash. Dark hair all over towels. No soap in some showers. Dirty towels are overflowed. There’s no staff in the pool area, children are jumping in the water right under “no diving” sign.It’s sad too see how for last couple years the service is going down but membership is going up.

Review №6


I take Lifetime Fitness classes online. I used to be with SilverSneakers but my health insurance changed. It took me a while, but I’m so glad I found Renate T.’s Zumba and MixxFit classes online/virtual. I’m in Colorado, but I like to change it up between classes and equipment at two gyms here and online classes. Renate’s attitude and energy are FABULOUS. And the camera positioning at this gym is the best I’ve seen so far with other Lifetime facilities. Thank you!

Review №7


I like Life time in Johns creek, the pool hours till 8:00pm because in Lawrenceville is until 5-6pm. Plus Johns creek have mama+baby yoga. Thank you

Review №8


Lifetime is absolutely my gym of choice. It cost a little more than most gyms but its worth every penny. Clean gym, great staff, clean lockers and bathroom always clean.. food is great and pool is absolutely refreshing. LaFitness is a dump compared to these gyms.

Review №9


I normally dont write reviews. I cant remember when was last time i wrote any reviews. So you know how bad this is. I see they have 363 reviews for 3.4, compare to another branch not far from us, i guess this branch was managed by totally different people and believe me, they are so unprofessional and dont care about their customers at all. I guess not many people will affect much by the bad management and super-unprofessional staffs and all these not-cared-at-all staffs, but still , when you have issues, you will suffer. So i will suggest you go to a different branch or other company. My Mom cancelled her membership 3 years ago, since she doesnt speak English, so she asked a neighbor helping her . They spent half day there with the staff. But later we find out that we have been charged for all the past three years $80/month. When i called them, you know they dont care about you, they gave me all these rules and regulations, no words can express my anger, but at the end of the day, it is their loss. My mom has a group of friends, and they are about to sign up with a gym, now i will make sure they will never sign up with this branch.

Review №10


I love this place! Its the best for families - nice facility and selection of classes but the kids activities set it apart from other gyms in my opinion.

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