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Phone: +1 706-256-6100
Site: http://www.mercedesbenzofcolumbu...
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–7PM
  • Thursday:8AM–7PM
  • Friday:8AM–7PM
  • Saturday:8AM–6PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.5

199 Reviews for Mercedes-Benz of Columbus 2023:

Review №1


This was the most amazing car buying experience ever.The entire staff were beyond professional and spent so much time to provide myself with all of the options available to enhance my needs as a car owner. It is not everyday when a salesman says buy the smaller model and take an amazing vacation or just enjoy life. I am beyond blessed to finally find the deal I have been hunting for. The salesman that helped me with test drives was off yesterday when I bought my car. The salesman told me don’t worry the salesman who helped you with the test drive will also share in the commission from the sale. Perfect experience.Thank you Mercedes Benz of Columbus.

Review №2


I bought my 2022 GLS450W4 on 01/31/21 over the phone and through text messages. To make sure I got the best heal. I drove from Panama City Beach Fl. showing up at 5 minutes till closing on New Years Eve. I also traded my old GLS450 in and they gave me top dollar sight unseen. The staff was AMAZING, friendly and courteous.

Review №3


I needed service on a couple recall items. Easy to schedule and they were great at communicating before and during the service. I was made aware that this extensive work and would take a week. When issues arose, they were quick to call and let me know that it would be longer than anticipated and provided a loaner vehicle for the extra days. Pick up and drop off service at my driveway is the best! Saves me 2 trips up and down the road and allows me to have this maintenance done in a more timely manner.

Review №4


While repairs seem fine, Customer service level was seriously lacking. Promised phone follow up for next morning (from Wednesday late afternoon when car was was towed to dealership) didn’t come Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Monday. Growing impatient, I called to check on car Monday afternoon, was told mechanic looked at it just before I called. Was told parts needed to be ordered, and would arrive Tuesday morning, and promised a status update for Tuesday. I received no call, so I called near end of day, around 4:30, and was told my mechanic took the day off, my service advisor left early and to call back Wednesday. I asked for someone to call me back Wednesday morning and to let my service advisor know I was not pleased with customer experience. I got a call from advisor late Wednesday morning to tell me car was ready. Nothing mentioned about failure to keep me posted.By the way, I called dealership from side of road when car became inoperable. Guy in service told me I’d have to bring car in. Because it wasn’t drivable, he said I’d have to figure out how to get it to the dealership. While we were on the phone my wife went on line and saw Mercedes’ roadside service should be used. I asked the guy in the service dept, he said we could try it but they hardly ever answered the phone, and even if they did, we’d likely be stranded for hours on end. Actually, we got fast, friendly service on the phone and tow truck came in about two hours.

Review №5


Excellent customer service from start to finish. Rachelle managed my vehicle’s service requirements, from diagnosing the issue to providing options and recommendations. She kept me informed throughout the entire service process. I appreciated her professionalism and dedication to getting my car safely back on the road. Also, a shout out to the shuttle drivers who quickly transported me to/from my home and the Mercedes dealership, making the whole experience very efficient.

Review №6


My experience at Mercedes-Benz of Columbus was excellent! Outstanding customer service skills! We absolutely love Ms. Evelyn Tolbert! I enjoyed the experience, she made it very memorable!

Review №7


Best experience ever. From purchase all the way to sells and finance. The Mercedes’ team delivered awesome care and concern from start to finish. I can say enough about these guys. My salesman Earnest was helpful, nice, Courteous and patient with me. They treated me so well and I’ll never choose any other brand then Mercedes’. The entire process was smooth. And Debi in finance was awesome and so sweet and caring. She wanted to make sure I was happy. Thanks to the entire team…

Review №8


Took my GLC300 in because I was concerned because my vehicle was leaking fluid. After sitting at the dealership for four hours I was told A knife was found underneath my hood and the knife is probably what caused damage to my radiator causing the leak. One person said that the knife was closed, while another technician said the knife was open. I found this to be very odd seeing how Mercedes of Columbus is the only place I take my vehicle for maintenance. My vehicle is still under warranty but because they found a knife under the hood they were saying that it would not be covered under the warranty. I escalated everything to management who submitted a case to Goodwill because I was a loyal customer. I was told that my repairs were approximately $1947. After the Goodwill program the fee was reduced to approximately $1079. I was given a loaner vehicle however the loaner vehicle was dirty and didn’t have any gas in it. I was very disappointed with Mercedes because I was told that the staff was trust worthy and they felt confident their technicians would take responsibility if they had accidentally left a knife underneath the hood. I don’t own a knife nor do I ever go underneath the hood or have anyone else go under the hood for that matter. Needless to say, I will not return to Mercedes of Columbus for purchase or repairs.Nadie, I appreciate your response. However, I was never shown where the knife was sticking out of the radiator. The technician attempted to show me where the leak was coming from and said maybe the knife was bouncing around and caused the damage. I also would like to mention that even after the radiator was replaced, I sent in a photo to show the check coolant level light indicator that came on. When I spoke with you, you never offered for someone to come get the vehicle but whether if I was going to be in the area which is almost 2 hours away for me to bring the vehicle in. Id expect that if I purchased a Ford but not from Mercedes. I had to instead take my vehicle in to another auto repair place for them to correct the low coolant level which they said it was extremely low and was surprised that my vehicle didnt run hot.

Review №9


I showed up to the dealership for my scheduled appointment where I was greeted by a very Courteous young lady. I explained the issue I was having with my car, she listened until I finished then offered me a ride home. Within 2 hours I was called to pick my car up with no charge and no problems noted by the technician. Great service and a great way to start my day.

Review №10


My Sales Advisor was Joshua Andujar and my Sales Manager was Debi Lewis they both took really good care of me addressing all my concerns with excellent customer service. One thing i really liked about Josh was he approached me as soon as i got out of my vehicle introduced himself and allowed me time to walk around and look at cars without breathing down my neck. Once i was ready to talk to him he came back to me and we sealed the deal with my purchase. I would highly recommend them as well as Mercedes -Benz of Columbus to anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle. Thank you Joshua and Debi for your excellent customer service.