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4.4 (46 comments)

Review №1


I arrived at the store right as they opened on January 22,2022. I was the only customer in the store. The salesman only came over to me when I called him over to ask a question about the running shoes. I asked what the difference was between the 2 different types of running shoes. He said Just the way they look!!!!! Really, the way they look is the only thing!?! He then returned to the cash register area never once asking if I wanted to try anything on. Thank goodness the shoes on the display shelf were my size so I tried one shoe on that way since the other shoe was in a box somewhere in the back.I have bought shoes from this store more than once but this was the worse experience EVER!!! I knew what size I needed so I came home and ordered what I wanted off the web with FLEET FEET and had a GREAT experience

Review №2


My son had tons of fun picking out a bat and testing at the batting cage

Review №3


I have gone by the store several times between 1pm and 6pm and it is always closed. I have called DOZENS of times and can not leave a message b/c the mailbox is full. I just want to buy some Mizuno shoes and they are making it incredibly difficult.

Review №4


Cool shop and enjoyed my time in the simulator. I went in for a fitting for new golf clubs. It was a fine experience, but I just didnt feel like the attention to detail was there. I wasnt really explained why certain clubs were better fits than others for me, the fitter didnt really seem excited to help me. I felt like the fitter kind of slept through the session and used the shaft optimizer to make all of his choices. I ended up in what I felt was a good fit for me, but I just felt like my fitting experience was lacking compared to what I have previously experienced.

Review №5


Scheduled an iron fitting with Kalie, and she was awesome and knowledgeable. I even got hot hitting balls in the sim and received an ice cold bottle of water.The combination of knowledgeable employees, great customer service, and a clean/up-to-date facility made this an awesome experience.Did I mention club fitting was free with many shaft options?

Review №6


I was professionally fitted for my first set of Mizuno irons and must say that I’m extremely satisfied with my while experience. The staff there is extremely professional and very friendly. Their state of the art software quickly analyzed my swing and found the perfect equipment for me. A big thanks to Zachary and Hunter for all the help.

Review №7


Terrible but experience. my son wanted to take a few swings of a club and thats it. a lady then came and said we couldnt be in there because it was reserved even though we were the only people there. the lady was very rude about it and said under her breath while we were leaving that we wouldnt be able to afford it. she was very ignorant.

Review №8


I was very excited about getting fitted for new irons and being a Mizuno fan, I wanted to go to their facility in Atlanta. Saying that it exceeded my expectations is a huge understatement. Zach was an excellent fitter. He was very knowledgeable and explained all of the data he gathered very well. Most importantly, he listened to what I was telling him about the feedback I was getting with the clubs I hit. I wasnt quite ready to pull the trigger on ordering my new irons right away and he didnt pressure me at all. He and the facility manager Hunter kept in touch with me and the follow up was great. I even got a call from one of their manufacturing professionals to answer some of my questions in more detail. He gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him if I needed any additional info. This is my third set of Mizuno irons (MX 950s, MP 53s, and now MP20 HMB) and after the experience that I have had with them, I am completely locked in on Mizuno and I cant imagine playing any other brand of irons. I am now going to take a harder look at their woods, wedges, and now putters. Do not hesitate to buy Mizuno and I encourage you to go to their facility in Atlanta and buy directly through them. They will take great care of you before and after you buy. Thanks again Mizuno. Great product and even better service. First class experience. Well done.

Review №9


I have been buying items from Mizuno for years. I live in NC and they have always shipped me everything. They are so nice. They have the perfect business attitude! I love Mizuno!!!

Review №10


I bit the Mizuno bug a few years when I purchased my first pair of running shoes. I loved them so much that I decided to purchase another pair. I looked online and found a Mizuno store in town. I was so excited to experience my next pair of running shoes. I drove an hour to get to the store. When I entered the store, the manager was too busy carrying on a conversation with someone and couldn’t extend a greeting. I thought this would be an interesting visit. Luckily another associate extended a greeting. I shared with him that I was looming for running shoes and would appreciate his help. He helped me with finding a pair. I picked and tried on a few but the color I settled on was not available in the store. I finally decided to purchase a pair of training shoes which the sales associate told me was $100. However when he rang up my order with a small Mizuno bag it came out to almost $170. So I asked how much the shoes were and then he said they were $140 which was not what he’d told me. So he went to speak with the manager who brought me the white pair of the shoe that was $100. So rather than honor what the sales rep told me, he chose to lose my business over $40 well not only will I not go there again but I will probably never go there or recommend it. I ended up walking out of the store without any of the items I’d come in for. That’s too bad!!!

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