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3.9 (199 comments)

Review №1


First time in this location an I was very impressed…I was greeted properly as soon as I walked thru the door…Ana took my order an was very polite an friendly…i ordered the home wrecker bowl….

Review №2


Had a tasty, filling, fresh, and quickly made burrito 🌯.Staff was amazing thank you guys !! Friendly and made everything with exceptional quality.Was a quick stop but i would go back on a date or if Im looking for a quick meal thatll lift me up instead of dragging me down like that chicken sammich place does .

Review №3


Every. Single. Time! Never fails, whenever I come to this location something is wrong. I generally use the app to order age when I get home my burrito was made the way they want it to be made. Not forgetting an ingredient or two just adding whatever they want. Today I call after and ask for a manager to let them know that this is a continuing issue and I get a kid name Jesse that claims to be the manager. I call him on it and then he admits that hes the managers son and the actual manager is out and will be back later. I will go so far out of my way to avoid this location from now on.*Today I had to try to force myself to eat this burrito but couldnt even bring myself to finish it

Review №4


This mows is in the same plaza as Walmart on Mansell road….moes has pretty good and at this location the service is generally pretty fast and good. When I get went in there were not too many people in the store but it was adequately staffed and got in and out quickly….all in all a pretty good experience

Review №5


This Moe’s is always excellent. Very clean, quick service, and good/warm food! Thanks for the quick and friendly service!

Review №6


The workers here are amazing. Especially the one who helped my husband and I. I’m a type 1 diabetic and was having a severe low blood sugar.I have difficulty speaking when this happens. A male worker with short hair was assisting us and he was so patient and paid great attention to me pointing to food and understood exactly what I needed. Thank you so much it means a lot.

Review №7


Wow…spent $18 through DoorDash for ONE BURRITO only to have this location leave off half of the ingredients I asked for. How hard is it to make a freaking burrito?!

Review №8


Looks like there was a change in management. They are not willing to listen. My quesadilla was like a big taco, when I asked for it the manager told me to use fork if something spills out!

Review №9


Caught them on the VERY end of lunch rush, no customers behind us in line, and they threw my quesadilla on the grill for less than a minute. When I took a bite into it, the cheese wasnt even melted, so I brought it back to the counter to let them know it wasnt cooked at all. They threw the already-cut, already bitten-into quesadilla back on the grill for another minute and waved me over to the counter when it was done rather than just bringing it a few steps over to my table. Worst of all, the person I was dealing with was a manager... Wont return to this Moes.

Review №10


Why are all the Moes so inconsistent? Some give you no cheese and meat and other do. The only thing consistent is that none of the Moes I visit EVER have clean tables. I have to bring my own disinfectant in and clean my own table. You would think with COVID this would be mandated!

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