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4.3 (199 comments)

Review №1


So delicious!! I was really pleased with the presentation and quality of the pizza!! The staff members were very friendly and the wait was minimal. It made a good Saturday great :)

Review №2


I ordered a margherita pizza expecting it to be authentic neapolitan style and it was so far off the mark. The dough was thick, loaded with cheese and the sauce was full of garlic with hardly any basil. Toppings were all the way to the crust. Margherita shouldnt even have garlic on it and the flavor profile was completely wrong. Very disappointed because this was really not what I expected, especially from somewhere that gives impression they they are a traditional style pizzeria Napolitana, and for $19 it was not a good value. Honestly its a disgrace to call this an authentic margherita.

Review №3


You could imagine where this circle went with the missing pieces. I feel like it’s smaller than before. Understandable because of the high inflation and labor. But the edge of the crust wasn’t thick enough and got too hard. Anyway, I will try again later.

Review №4


I don’t know what has happened here. This used to be the very best pizza joint in town. My husband and I absolutely love sitting in their dining room and sharing a delicious hot pizza right out of the authentic brick oven. The dough was our favorite aspect of their pizzas. Huge bubbles and wonderfully chewy and delicious.During pandemic we started ordering through UberEats but felt guilty that they weren’t getting all their money so we started ordering by phone and picking up ourselves.But the last 2 times (including last night) that we had one, the dough is not the same. It tastes overcooked. Hard to chew. Thin, almost burned and tastes like the cardboard box it came in. No bubbles and wonderful chewiness like what made it our favorite pizzas. And these pizzas aren’t cheap!We rarely go out to eat in this financial climate as we’ve been hit hard. To spare the money for a Napoli Pizza once in a while is a big deal for us.But after last night, being the 2nd time that we feel $30 hard earned dollars are wasted on a pizza that whoever is watching the ovens don’t seem to even care about anymore, we are left with finding a new favorite pizza spot.Seriously unhappy with the downturn of a once unbelievably delicious pizza parlor

Review №5


Just went to Napoli 1 for a pizza. This place should be closed down and I plan on reporting them to the health department. When it comes to cleanliness it is of paramount importance when it comes to a food establishment. The young man making the pizza removed his baseball cap and ran his fingers through his hair then put his cap back on. He then proceeded to pull out a pizza dough to begin making my pizza. I told the cashier that there was no way I wanted a pizza that he was making - he came over and I explained why - because he just ran the fingers of both hands through his hair.and without even washing them proceeded to stretch a dough. No way! He washed his hands and apologized, then started making a pizza from a new dough. Unfortunately, the oven wasn’t hot enough a 2 minute pizza was in the oven for at least 10 minutes as he kept throwing in more wood and even paper towels to get the fire hot. The pizza came out covered in soot from the burning paper and raw wood. I asked for a refund as I did not want that pizza - not for $28, and not for nothing. The “owner” as he represented himself to be came from the back and offered to make a new pizza. It wasn’t much better as the oven wasn’t heated properly but suitable. I explained to the “owner” how not washing hands after running hands through hair is just gross! He didn’t seem to understand or be too concerned. I’d stay clear of this place - there are so many other pizzerias in the area to risk getting sick.

Review №6


I have been coming for months. I feel like the ingredients are way better and the baker doing it right consistency. 5 stars

Review №7


One of my top three pizza places in the area. 🍕We have been ordering here for about a year. What I like best is that its consistent. When I have ordered something a million times I know what to expect. I like that it taste exactly the same way each time I order our favorites (margherita and tosca pizza).

Review №8


I had high expectations for this place, and the experience wasn’t great. The pizza is good, but my experience was particularly horrible.1) ALL napoli pizza places serve a pie that serves one. Or you provide an option to the customer to select a small, medium or large. I am confused by the lack of thought in the menu because they have only 1 size (which is not explained on the menu), which is large. We went and ordered three pizzas for three people, they didn’t let us change the order 2 mins after we paid.2) we asked for a bottle of wine. Great, they literally gave us a bottle of wine as is. I guess they just assumed we go around restaurants carrying a wine opener and drink out of a bottle... so we had to ask the to open it, which took a good 10 minutes because they didn’t have a wine opener accessible.3) Why the cheap plates? Place looks nice, the plates were from the dollar store maybe?4) what is this pizza? Its stuck between Neapolitan pizza and dominos. I like the taste but please don’t term it as “authentic”. Its too thick, doesn’t have the delicate flavors, too cheesy and no sauce. The sauce didn’t seem like it was made from San Marzano tomatoes. How do I know? Because I go to every Neapolitan place in town, I love it so much I went to Naples and camped out of Sorbillo Pizza.

Review №9


Good ambience and nice decor inside. Fresh Ingredients and tasty pizza. Caprese salad was disappointing: $9 to get 3 pieces of tomatoes which didnt have any flavor. Pizza was tasty but soggy in the middle. I like to hold my pizza in the hand and eat since it was soggy we needed fork and knife. They probably could offer better plates and silverware instead of paper plates and plastic fork/knife. Also they could offer more beer options instead of just Peroni.

Review №10


First experience. And the last!Ordered TO GO a pizza with NO cheese. (For Allergy reason).Upon ordering, I asked for some extra tomato sauce. They charged $2.50 extra!But when I saw the pizza! It was just a goey crust with hardly anything on it!Cost over $26 + $5 for tips!

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