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4.3 (31 comments)

Review №1


Diane has been wonderful to work with. The process was very seamless and easy. I love the location. Being steps away from my favorite spot Whole-foods! I am looking forward to being apart of the community!

Review №2


I have lived here for almost 2 years and love it. I intend to stay here as long as my health allows. Im very healthy and active so I think that will be for many more years.These last few months have been stressful for everyone but the staff and management has done a fabulous job to keep us all safe, updated and as entertained as possible.Our Service Supervisor, Tony and our Housekeeper, Clarissa have worked tirelessly to continue to keep everything maintained and clean.This is a beautiful community in a very accessible community and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a 55+ community.

Review №3


I have lived at Overture Barrett for two years. Moving from So. California to Kennesaw, GA not knowing anyone except my daughter and family! i immediately found friends here at the apartment. We enjoyed getting together for just chatting, cards, anytime! Mix and Mingle was a great time of food, fun and fellowship. We hit a few bumps in the road for awhile BUT NOW we are in full swing even with masks and social distancing!! We have enjoyed a Roaring 20s cocktail party! BBQ on the Patio with staff serving hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and drinks!! Including Ice cream for dessert!! Had 3 Concerts in the patio! The New Staff is WONDERFUL, FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, HELPFUL!!! We all love them.COME AND JOIN THIS GROUP OF FRIENDLY, HAPPY, ACTIVE PEOPLE

Review №4


I am a long time resident and moved in 2018 two months after first opening. The new manager John and the new staff additions are so wonderful and doing a fantastic job! We were shut down by the Covid 19 virus, but all of the amenities are starting to open back up, I feel safe here and they have great maintenance staff. You can tell the difference now and money is be spent wisely to maintain the property! I go tired of keeping up a large home and now if you have a problem just place a maintenance call for quick resolution,

Review №5


Having moved around a lot in my working career, I knew what I wantedwhen I retired...the kind of place that offered not just an apartment buta social interaction program that would keep me engaged as much or as little as I choose. I was so fortunate to find Overture Barrett! It has reallypleasant apartment lay-outs (I got the full kitchen that I was looking for) a balcony for fresh air, and a social schedule that addresses physical needs (water aerobics, etc.) as well as things like Bingo, creative crafts and just hanging out in socially distanced small groups with the friendliest group of seniors that I can imagine! The Overture Barrett team that keeps us going is so kind and truly caring, from administrative to maintenance as well as the availability for help from very knowledgeable and skilled PTsupport. All in all, I think Ive found my forever home!The breakfast that Clarissa sets out for us Monday thru Friday is great! My favorite is pancake Wednesday. Great time to get a cup of coffee and chat with whoever is around.

Review №6


I have been a resident here since March. Since the arrival of the new management led by John and his staff, there have been significant changes here. I have learned of the differences from the older residents, who say they are very happy with the changes, the level of communication and the positive result of those interactions. I want to add a special thank you to Clarissa our breakfast angel. She is always so bright and has placed delightful, healthy breakfasts foods for us. She never rushes to close down early. Thank you Miss Clarissa for your love

Review №7


My Overture BarrettOverture Barrett is a place I have to, tell you about. You will not believe what the management does for you. I ordered a screen door and had it installed on my balcony. The manager, John, wanted to know if I was happy and if there wsa anything he could to help three times.We had a chili dinner put on by the resident. John made sure we had everything we needed, if we forgot something and then brought drinks out for us. He had something like a radio and played music for us. Any request.The new management is for the residents and wants to make us happy so we will stay. Not like previous management who answer was always no.Just my two cents.PC 406

Review №8


I am a still working senior. And, I think I am typical of the type of people who have chosen to live at Overture Barrett Apartments.For example: I wanted to downsize to a smaller home. So I sold my large home because I was tired of taking care of of this costly child that would not grow up and leave. And now I have some very nice quality Me-Time.I can come home from work and enjoy the gym. The apartments surround the courtyard garden and lovely swimming pool. There are plenty of water features; a gas grill kitchen and a beautiful gas fire pit. And, there are various social activities like movie night in the home theatre.But what drew me to Overture was the beautiful interiors; security; and knowledgeable and very helpful staff. They handle all our tenant concerns with grace. So thank you Ms. Denise for introducing me to your beautiful apartment building. Thank you Ms. Stephanie for explaining your accounting system; And thank you Ms. Mickey: you have organized lovely social activities such as the monthly birthday dinner. Ms. Laura gave me a nice ice cream cone one hot afternoon because I looked like I needed a cool down. Thank you to our Operations Manager: Ms. Cassandra, I appreciate the effort you make to make my life easier. And thank you to our maintenance guru: Mr. Tony, who s always upbeat. He has 20 years of work experience in building management.I am in my second month of living here and I saw the Overture staff work very hard to transition from the building phase to the occupancy phase. When I first arrived there were some finishing touches taking place to various apartments. But the various work orders were completed. And, new tenants are arriving to join us at Overture. To all seniors: Welcome!My best to you . . . . Linda Bolobonoff

Review №9


I have lived here for a few years now and although its a lovely building it has yet to sort out the kinks that are inherent to a new building. The staff has a high turn over which doesnt lend itself to building a relationship with any of them but for the most part the staff is helpful. A lot of these issues require corporate to resolve but that shouldnt inhibit them this much.Security - The gates quit working every time it rains so they are most of the times left ajar enabling anyone to come into the complex parking lot which doesnt offer a sense of security.Doors - The only way to have a guest come in is through the front door call box and then they will have to walk the entire building to arrive at your unit because every door to the outside including the courtyard requires a fob to open. This could easily be solved with call boxes on the drive through gates and keypad access at the doors.ADA compliance - For being a community focused on seniors they have missed multiple opportunities to offer conveniences for anyone with mobility issues or that require a wheelchair. There is no automatic door access to the building at all. So anyone using a walker or in a wheelchair has to somehow figure out how to scan your fob and then open the door within the small window it is unlocked. This again is a simple solve by putting ADA compliant automatic door openers at all doors. This would make it easier for all of the community especially when carrying in groceries.Trash - there is only one trash room per floor that is located on one side of the building so if you happen to live on the opposite side its quite the jaunt to carry out heavy bags of trash. Another simple solution to this problem would be to have trash valet which is a common service for apartment buildings.I have reached out multiple times to management as well as corporate to no avail. As much as I have enjoyed my time living here the addressing of these issues is well overdue. For the premium that we are paying to live in this community they should be delivering a premium experience which is well within reach.Im happy to chat with anyone who is contemplating moving into this community to see if its a right fit.Sincerely,Jim

Review №10


When I moved in here I was number 11 and I was very happy. That was two and a half years ago and things became terrible. We felt like we were in prison with doors locked behind us and an actual chain and pad lock on both gates to the pool, like we were infants or senile. We are neither!!! I wrote a prayer for change and the Lord heard me as I repeated it everyday. He chose to answer my prayer with this new manager and staff. We are all thanking Him every day. I thought I was happy to begin with two and a half years ago, now however because of John Febres and his staff we are feeling very happy! Its incredible and I would be remiss if I didnt thank Him again for keeping Stevie as part of that staff. In conclusion I now thank Him in my daily prayer.

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