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4.2 (180 comments)

Review №1


Outstanding customer service provided by Rick !!! Very honest people and hard workers. Was able to get my car looked at and fixed within 3 hours. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of repair. Dave was the one to work on my car, very efficient!!! Don’t look anywhere else.. bring your vehicle here!!I’ll be back soon for my a/c (:

Review №2


Pep Boys in Johns Creek was great! I am so glad to find them. They got me in and out the same day I called to book an appointment. They are open Sundays. Rick, Charles and James were all so friendly and helpful. They did a thorough assessment of my car and explained which items were urgent and which could be delayed. They are able to provide interest free financing. I like being able to go to one place for oil change, tire rotation and whatever else is needed. They are able to get necessary parts quickly.

Review №3


Going to Pep Boys was the best experience we’ve had as far as dealing with our car. They were quick and fair as far as pricing. When going in ask for the two gentlemen that were amazingly gracious professional and kind Thomas and Rick. We have two cars in our house home and they were both disservice by Pep Boys.

Review №4


Tom was exceptional! He provided the best customer service experience and some good laughs too. They went over and above and even gave me a free lyft ride back home when I dropped off my car. Thanks Tom and team!!

Review №5


These guys are great.They’ve always been willing to look back over their work if there’s an issue still arises after they worked on a car of mine but even more recently I had an appointment at another shop that decided to change their mind and make up an excuse as to why my Jeep couldn’t receive an wheel alignment (real story is I wouldn’t be upsold a bunch of stuff I didn’t need), fortunately Pep Boys was able to squeeze me in and had the job finished by dinner the same day.Thomas and Rick will take care of you.

Review №6


My vehicle takes synthetic oil and if you’re aware, synthetic oil changes are not the cheapest. Pep boys was running a special (I believe I paid a little over $60 because my car took an extra quart) so I decided to try it out a few weeks back. Like any mechanic shop, it wasn’t the cleanest as you can see. They did have a tv in the waiting area which was nice because it did take awhile. Connor was helpful when it came to questions I had when I called the shop and when I was leaving. Very professional. However, the shop seemed as if they were short handed on help and the employees that were there did not seem as if they knew what they were doing.

Review №7


Rick Bondurant at Pep Boys Johns Creek is the most honest service worker I’ve ever seen in my life. Highly recommend person with the fastest service and friendly personality. You can trust his words 🙌🏻

Review №8


Please dont go here.Had my car there for 2 whole days and spent over $1000 on repairs. They broke my spark plug wire and tried to blame it on the fact that my car is old and the wires were old. When I know wires were not old because I bought new set 2 months ago at a parts store. Picking up the car took 40 minutes and no one was in front of me the whole time. Had to walk to the back of the building after dark to get my car. Before leaving I checked my car and realized they oiled the hood lift support. Now I have to replace those as well because they dont hold the hood up anymore. I told the manager that this had been broken in their care before leaving the lot and they just offered to charge me for the fix. He was also rude when mentioning how he talked about me and the spark plug wires to another employee as I was picking up the car.I will not return and just want to warn others of their dishonesty on breaking things and then trying to charge the owner.

Review №9


I had a terrible experience during a recent service visit to the Pep Boys located in Johns Creek, GA.I towed my van with a broken right front strut. The shop manager told me to leave the van overnight (Saturday to Monday because they are closed on Sundays.) He told me that on Monday they were going to look at the van for a diagnostics.When I came back on Monday morning, the strut and coil had been removed from the van and the vehicle was not drivable. I was told they couldn’t put it back together again. The only choice I had at this point was either to repair it at Pep Boys or have it towed to another mechanic.I did not tell the shop manager to start working on my van. They didn’t have to take the strut and coil apart to tell me that those parts were broken. It was obvious they were broken. That’s the reason why I took the vehicle there in the first place. To make matters worse, in the process of taking things apart, they also broke the right front axle.I believe the staff at Pep Boys in Johns Creek did not act in good faith when they decided to start working on my vehicle without my consent. What they did was a deliberate. They made the van not drivable and to maximize their profits, they broke the right front axle. (They claimed that it broke while taking things apart.)I was presented with an estimated bill of nearly $3000. I complained to the shop manager about my experience and told him I was not able to pay that much. The shop manager suggested selling my van to a company that buys junk cars. The manager was very condescending and I was made to feel like a destitute for driving such an old vehicle.Since I couldn’t pay the estimated bill, I asked him to repair the bare minimum in order to make my van drivable. He replaced the right front strut, the right front coil and the right front axle (that they broke.) I paid $1039 for the repairs.I will never bring my vehicles there for service and would not recommend to anyone taking their vehicles to Pep Boys at Johns Creek due to their deceptive trade practices and dishonesty.

Review №10


I took my car in for a noise, even though I get my car maintenance done regularly at Honda normally.. because this location is busy (for good reason/because they are good.)Ron and my Tech worked and not only communicated to me, but also taught me how to check my oil level.They were able to squeeze me in but I never felt like I was just sitting in the unknown like when you go to most places, they were constantly educating and engaging and provided solutions.Thank you so much for taking care of me and my car...I will be back for more services and to gain more knowledge.

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