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Phone: +1 470-238-6830
Site: https://www.popeyes.com/store-lo...
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–10PM
  • Thursday:10AM–10PM
  • Friday:10AM–11PM
  • Saturday:10AM–11PM
  • Sunday:10AM–10PM
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Total reviews rating 2.8

199 Reviews for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen 2023:

Review №1


Recent change of staff.These guys and gals are AWESOME.It was so refreshing to find a Popeyes where the staff was extra friendly, helpful and had great service. Food was fast and hot. The cashier was ready and happy to answer any questions. Ill definitely be coming back more often.

Review №2


This has to be the worst Popeyes in existence. Youll sit at the speaker for 5 minutes before you finally say something, then get an attitude back that reminds you why fast food workers should only get minimum wage. Then get told to hold for no reason since youll be literally the only person there, 100% of the time no matter what time of day. I hope they put a Chicken Salad Chick there when this hole finally closes. The first thing they did on breaking ground for this place was hit a fiber optic line that knocked out phone and internet service in the area for 3 days, and Im pretty sure the collective anger of 75,000 people placed a Poltergeist-style curse on this business, because theres no way this level of incompetence exists in real life.

Review №3


I was here at two pm on a Sunday. The guy that took my order told me to pull up he would bring it out. I look and see hes out back, not sure what he was doing. So after 14 minutes I go inside. A lady name Pam ask what I ordered. I told her and she apologized for the laziness of her Co- workers but the chicken was hot, Dr pepper was flat and I felt sorry for her trying to pick up their slack.

Review №4


Do better. Rude. Prices wrong on board...waited five minutes for even a response in drive thru when pulling up. Ordered. Asked why my food was $1 more than board price. . .she says, Now that really aint my problem is it, baby. So I went to one of your competitors next door. I love me some Popeyes sammiches, but if I have to deal with some rude cashier and someone trying to pocket some cash, no thanks. Yall suck.

Review №5


This is the sorriest Popeyes I’ve ever been to. I love Popeyes and this is the only one near me so I keep giving them chances every few months hooding it will improve only to be disappointed again. This location needs new management/staff badly

Review №6


Ordered the fish sandwich. It was probably the worst Ive ever tasted and I eat them often when I go to Popeyes tasted like it was old and re batteredover the old batter, and it was so hard that I could not even chew it. I just threw it in the trash and count it as is a loss. Im only giving them 2 Stars because my wifes food was fine.

Review №7


Stopped here on the way home from Atlanta for a quick bite. Its right off the interstate. A little slow but staff was pleasant and food was fresh. Good for a fast food place.

Review №8


Well we had paid for our food and the drive throu lady asked us to pull up and our food would be brought to us. We wait about 20 minutes just to be told that our food was given to someone else. So the lady took our receipt back with her and brought out our food and half of our food wasnt there.

Review №9


Seemed like only 2 employees were working this particular shift. Both looked like they were spaced out, very glassy eyed. Drive thru took over 25 minutes, order was wrong, missing items. I will never go back again. This location needs an over haul on the management, staff and food prep!!!!

Review №10


Why waste your time. No matter what you want, theyre out of it. Every visit, every time. I love ya Popeyes but NOPE!

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