Publix Super Market at Haynes Bridge Village in Alpharetta

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Phone: +1 770-751-7980
Opening hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–10PM
  • Thursday:7AM–10PM
  • Friday:7AM–10PM
  • Saturday:7AM–10PM
  • Sunday:7AM–10PM
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Total reviews rating 4.4

199 Reviews for Publix Super Market at Haynes Bridge Village 2023:

Review №1


I have to say how impressed I am at this Publix bakery. Had my sons 3rd birthday and asked them for a sheet cake for a space theme and showed them a picture of what I wanted…. They were spot on!!!! Thank you to whoever the Publix baker was that made my sons birthday cake totally memorable. You are the best!!!!

Review №2


Store was clean and well stocked. I stopped by the Deli to pick up dinner. Found their prices to be rather high. One piece of Fried Chicken was $2.89, and a small cup of Mac & Cheese was $2.99. I shutter to think how much a vegetable and a piece of bread would have cost? Ive got to start back cooking at home.

Review №3


I initially came here just to park while attending the Taste of Alpharetta. However, I stopped in to pick up a few things. The layout is very different from most other Publix stores that Ive been to, however, it was nice. Very organized and lots in stock. I went to the bathroom while there and it was a was ok. Not the cleanest but not the worst.I also was pleasantly surprised that they didnt care that people parked there while going to the taste of Alpharetta. Very nice of them to be so relaxed with the use of their lot.

Review №4


This Publix location is always very clean despite its aging building. Very friendly employees make it a good experience. The deli is usually understaffed and is reflected in my rating. If you are in a rush, dont look for lunch here!

Review №5


Workers are always ready to assist you. Great Manager working hard to please customers. He gets a 5 star, Very clean place

Review №6


I found the Deli prices outrageous! I was on the way home from a doctors appointment, and having not eaten all day I wanted something easy to snack on at home. I walked into the Deli area, told the young man behind the counter to give me a fried chicken breast, one (1), and a small serving of Macaroni & Cheese placed into a small cup. I didnt immediately look at the price labels he placed on the items. After standing in line to check out I found that the Deli Clerk had charged me $2.99 for the chicken breast, and he charged me $2.99 for the couple of bites of Mac and cheese. I always thought you could get a cheaper meal at the Publix Deli. Aint no such a thing as a cheap meal at Publix. I could have come out better had I shopped elsewhere. I bet their Stock is doing well! Guess their law firm is Dewey, Cheatam, and Howe!

Review №7


This Publix is top rate. Staff is friendly and helpful. Store is pristine.

Review №8


The cashier rang in my2 clearance items, which were clearly marked with a big,bright orange pricetag on each,@full price. I played a part in this going unnoticed, as I was in a hurry& not paying attention to the prices as they came up. However, these items should have been programmed into the computer& the cashier should have been paying attention to what they were doing... Considering that a cashiers job is to ring up items being purchased &the bright orange tags are such so that they stand out & differentiate these items between clearance ®ular priced items. This is not a complicated task nor is it confidential info ; it is also not the customers job/responsibility to monitor the cashiers work nor double check changes in pricing whether they be for specific sales (bogos), clearance or discontinued merchandise.

Review №9


Even though Publix is one of the best grocery stores in the country this particular one is not very friendly. The employee seem kind of snobbish and they think that they dont have to do their job.

Review №10


Really like this neighborhood location. Just the perfect size so you don’t get lost searching for items. Very clean. Friendly and professional staff. Always well-stocked.