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4.6 (199 comments)

Review №1


The bike department is great here, they are very helpful, thorough, and friendly. They are affordable and much more reasonable compared to other bike shops in Atlanta (much of whom seem to want to rip you off). They are also always willing to work with you to accommodate to your needs. Would highly recommend coming here for everyday bike needs.

Review №2


I usually look for more locally owned shops to repair and maintain my bike but this crew is among the most accommodating and friendly I have dealt with. THEIR MASK REQUIREMENTS ARE RIDICULOUS AND I REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN SUCH CRAZINESS. That has nothing to do with the bike team, I just am so tired of all this nonsense I had to force it in there. Bike shop is A++++

Review №3


Wow the attention to detail is amazing with Joe in the backpacking section! He helped my husband and I out so much to get fitted and prepared for our first backpacking trip! Thank you so much!

Review №4


My bike has been in for service for the same reason 5 times to this location. The problem is never resolved, I am always charged. The 4th repair was given back to me in worse condition then I dropped it off. When I called about a refund of the money of the 4th repair, the manager asked me to return to Brookehaven instead of trying Kennesaw location. Said They would like to make right on their mistake, that there would be no charge to get it right. When I called to see if the bike would be done within the time frame I was given, I recieved unnecessary attitude from two different employees. Upon pick up, I was charged full price, AGAIN. I told the woman checking me out there was no charge associated with this order. She looked puzzled as she searched around my file in the system. She went to get an older woman who approached with an attitude for no reason what so ever. She blamed the quality of the bike, and my weight as the cause of the problems. I informed her I was 65 pounds under the weight limit and that this was a $1,500 bike from leading competitor. She responded with someone half the weight limit can exceed the weight limit?? I finished with so what was the course of repair with this 5th time looking at it? Sam was kind enough to explain his repairs, then the woman interrupted him and said there was no way to fix it. I wish I would have gone to Kennesaw location to see if there is an ounce of competence there, my experience has been so bad at Brookehaven ill never return to an REI again. If youre looking for good customer service or bike repair, DO NOT COME HERE.

Review №5


REI Was great the staff was really respectfuland helpful. I will be stopping back soon.

Review №6


EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE!!!This is the largest REI in the southeast, and it is clear why! The staff is extremely knowledgeable. Everyone is helpful.Most people don’t know that REI is a Co-Op. That means that REI is owned by its members. You only have to become a member once in your whole life, IT NEVER EXPIRES! They exist to create member value, not earn profits. Which means they offer free in-store classes, and close on Black Friday—just to get people outside.They’re also one of the last true values-driven companies. They have aspirational values that are worth participating in!The footwear department is top notch. If you think you know your foot, you’re wrong. Stop back and experience how it is supposed to be done.The camping department is incredible as well. How many places still have a genuine map table?! The staff actually hikes, and they know their gear. Get a pack fit done, you are likely not the size you think you are.

Review №7


Staff are all so friendly and helpful! Its also nice that they take online returns as well.

Review №8


No issues at the other REI stores. Roll into the city and someone in mgmt has decided to implement a wait at the fitting rooms. According to mgmt the CDC estimates that breath particles take 6 minutes to disperse. REI personnel disagree with CDC and has everyone waiting 8 minutes. No other REI stores are waiting 8 minutes, actually no other retail stores are either.Who actually thought this up and what regional listens to them. Everyone standing outside fitting rooms waiting or interacting with the guardian of the fitting room seems counter productive. Seems based on their logic only one person should be allowed in the store at a time or in each section of the store. It problem the same Mgr who posted 10 curbside service parking spaces outside, all empty. Meanwhile no one can find a parking space. Oh my. Walked out and lines at the register for dissipation. A line at the door to get in. No parking spaces so car lines in the parking lot.

Review №9


Im going on a ski trip and wanted a nice pair of goggles and this place popped up on google. Their website had like a couple hundred different kinds of goggles so I decided to head over. When I got there there were 6 pairs (Not types, actual pairs) and only 2 of them were marked with prices.... Dont advertise yourself as a ski goggle place if you dont have any.

Review №10


Usually one of my favorite stores. while they were plenty of staff in the store they only had two people running the front register with 12 deep in line which was moving very slow. when one of the staff members radio for assistance nobody showed for the entire time I waited in line which was 15 minutes. Otherwise the store was not very busy.

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