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4.4 (199 comments)

Review №1


Update, 2/8/22. Was happy to hear from Brad, the General Manager, today who was was a big help. I’m updating my original review from 1 to 3 stars- I think the middle is a fair place for where we’re at now. Brad identified obvious solutions, made a generous offerthat addressed the cost of service and the sun-par customer service we’d received. I’m willing to give them another chance using Brads solutions but also have to mention what a waste of time it was for Brad and I to have to spend time fixing an issue which could have been resolved days, months, or years ago by the Service Department. I appreciate the effort, Brad, thank you.Update, 2/7/22. Sales Manager called me to talk but not to offer an apology. The reason for his call was to explain the clocks (see photo below) that I misunderstood. Id asked about these clocks during my first visit and were told by one of the customer service reps that they were a joke. I dont find them that funny.After a fairly short and heated conversation, Sales Managers solution was ...if we havent been able to be successful the first five times, you should go somewhere else...And so there you have it. The Service Managers only solutions are to a) try to frame me as an irate and irritating customer (againefer to his office decor for his feelings on customers in general) and b) recommend I go somewhere else as if this were a real solution (the next closest Ford dealership is 30+ miles away).Original Post (2/5/22): This is my first ever Google review and only because this is the 5th time I’ve been through it with the service department. Check the customer record, Rivertown.Basically, the service department is inconsistent at their very best. Management seems totally uninformed and/or uninterested (see pictures for office decor that faces customers).Long story short: your car isn’t ready. Yes, even if they called to tell you it is. They didn’t perform the work they said. You’ll want to double check behind them every time.I want them to do well, I wish they cared enough to take care of it themselves.

Review №2


The short version; I had a GREAT experience selling my used car to Rivertown Ford.The more detailed version (if you care);Matt (Matthew Moyers) reached out to me about my M4, that I had listed on We agreed on a price, and he worked with me via text,emails, and in person to get the deal done.Originally, I was going to drive that car to them (2 hours away), but just 10 minutes from the dealership, the check engine light came on and several other warning messages (about traction and stability control, locked read transaxle). Apparently, Murphy or De Morgen (from Murphys Law including the extended version, look it up!) was working hard on this deal behind the scene as well.I discussed the possibilities with Matt, but after a quick look by the service department at Rivertown Ford, and the fact that they will not buy a high-end used car with the check engine light on, I agreed that I needed to take my car home and get it fixed, and I did. (freaking WSS Sensor)Once the car was back to normal, this time Matt sent a couple of guys with the papers and we concluded the sale.I must say that Matt was a pleasure to deal with and that alone prompted me to write this review. I hope others will have a similarly pleasant dealings with Rivertown Ford.Take care guys and thanks again.Bah-bye car.

Review №3


Without question the worst service department Ive ever done business with in my life. I have now been there five times--five full days and my SUV still is not repaired properly. Spent almost $3k in service only to have the same part which was supposedly replaced still making noise.Every time I am in the dealership I see people complaining about the wait time, looking absolutely miserable, service reps on the phone with angry customers wanting refunds, etc. This department has major issues. The one time I asked for the service manager, Donnie, he was very confrontational and rude. The shop Foreman, Travis, made every excuse known to man as to why my truck was dirty with scratches from their mechanic who left my headliner dirty and panel scratched up. The mechanic also left a tool wedged under my back hatch that stayed there for 2 weeks until my next attempted repair, unbeknownst to me. Travis finally admitted that my truck was reassembled incorrectly. I was told that three door actuators are all in the exact same area and thats why Im hearing noise. Untrue.Never seen a service department take less responsibility and accountability than Rivertown Ford. I also asked the general manager, Bradley Williams, to get involved on my last visit as it was my fifth time back and the problems were still there. Never saw Bradley, never met him. Instead he sent his shop foreman to do everything possible to avoid responsibility.Im to the point of taking legal action because of all the time and money wasted with no resolution.

Review №4


My experience with Tom was amazing! He made sure I knew every step of the process with getting the recall on my door hinges squared away. He gave me valuable information about when the opportune time during the week would be to get my door hinges replaced so that I wouldnt be too long without my car. On the day of my 8am appointment, he estimated that the replacements would be done by 6/6:30pm since they had to replace all 4 door hinges. I was able to get my car back by 3:30pm and be on with the rest of my day. He also provided me with an inspection sheet of further work they recommended my car to have, which was very detailed and easy to understand in terms of how much it would all be costing me. He also offered to help me prioritize the work needed on my car so that I could decide which things Id go ahead and get fixed first and which ones I could leave for a later time. Very pleased with my experience.

Review №5


The buying experience here from online to on site was virtually flawless. I did have to play the game to get a fair price for my trade which is to be expected. But overall the buying experience was awesome. As with any used vehicle there are some things that you find that are acceptable as is. Other things are not. So before committing to the vehicle I made it clear that I would need in writing, that my ac would need to be working properly. It seemed to be a matter of an actuator preventing air flow on the drivers side. It was agreed upon. Throughout the next few weeks I had to arrange for a time convenient for the service department to check things out, being that I am not local. Once a day was set I arrived very early and to my surprise the service dept was unaware that I would be coming. Now, Im starting to feel like my business no longer matters. I waited for approximately 4 hours before being told that it would likely need to be taken to the Chevy dealership to be repaired. Another option was finding someone to repair on my own at their expense (under $300). Id already wasted half a day, I opted to simply leave the truck there so that the process could begin promptly. Weekend and holiday aside, I need to be updated regularly on the status of my vehicle. I cannot take off work or leave work without prior notice. I feel there is great lacking in the service dept and even more so in the communication from salesman to service dept ONCE THE SALE IS MADE. It has now been 6 days, 3 full business days and as of right now my 3 star rating stands. No rental offered. Will update again in a few days.UPDATE:Rivertown Ford was extremely prompt in acknowledging all of my concerns that I had and equally prompt in resolving them. As promised, I would amend my rating and review based on my satisfaction of their service and I must say that I stand corrected. Sometimes a little communication goes a long ways. Special thanks salesman Assad Lowe and General Manager Bradley Williams for ensuring things went smoothly. 5 stars!

Review №6


I don’t know where to start. First let me say Steve Greco and Daniel Hess were nothing short of amazing. I went to three different car lots. Rodney at Budget was no help. Meredith at Car Max was sweet but couldn’t help me get finance. Willy at Drivetime was absolutely no help. I was sad with the experience I had at those places yesterday! However, I told Steve exactly what I needed and he went above and beyond. Everything was done quick. I was in and out within an hour and a half. Daniel came at the end and added the icing on the cake. He made me feel at home by answering all my questions. Daniel was very personable!! I hope everyone has the amazing experience I did buying a car. If you have less than perfect credit please don’t bypass this hidden jewel!

Review №7


We had the best experience ever purchasing our 2022 Ford Explorer. Assad, Steve, and Craig made the experience wonderful! We are so thankful for our new vehicle and how easy it was to purchase.

Review №8


Tonight we went in to two dealerships to find my mother a new vehicle. We went into Rivertown Toyota (give me a second) and was immediately greeted with a salesman who lacked that salesman personality. We ended up leaving out because they could not satisfy our needs. We went straight across the street to Rivertown Ford. I was greeted by a man that asked if he could help me, I said Point me to your most enthusiastic salesman. He pointed to the front door. I went inside and there stood Assad Lowe. He asked me the same question and my response was the same. He then gave me a fist-bump and shook my hand and told me Youre looking at him!. I told him very cut and dry what I was looking for and what we had to trade. He got right to work. We were looking for a 2019-2021 Ford Edge and wanted to keep her payments around $300. I explained to him my mother was in a handicap van that she no longer needed and we were pretty set on the Edge (she loves the one I own). He showed us what he had that he felt he could get where we wanted. He couldnt find the first one and reluctantly offered us a 2018 Titanium model that had a bit higher mileage. I reluctantly asked him to show it to us. He pulled it around and we went over it. Five minutes later my mom is test driving and fell in love. We returned with a couple of demands [minor] in mind for us to take delivery of the vehicle and he told us he would make it work. He went right to work on pricing and honestly got us pretty close to what we wanted within reason. After some easy negotiation he got all the paperwork done and we were off to financing. With GAP, no trade, down payment, 4 year/40,000 mile bumper-to-bumper extended warranty her payments ended up at $437. VERY happy with the whole experience. We were only there about 2-3 hours for the whole trip. I highly recommend Assad Lowe. He was a fantastic salesman. Thank you!

Review №9


The team at Rivertown Ford made our car buying experience easy and enjoyable. There was no high pressure or fast talking done. Our salesman, Steve Greco, listened to what we were looking for and put us into exactly what we wanted. He explained everything clearly and there were no surprises on the final deal. The financing manager, Daniel Hess, was also amazing. He also explained the details very well and answered all questions we had. This is by far the most pleasant car buying experience we’ve ever had. We’ll definitely come here when it’s time for another vehicle purchase!!

Review №10


Scheduled a 20 pt inspection and oil change. Received a couple of reminders which was very helpful. Arrived at scheduled time, staff was courteous and professional. My car was in the air in 15 mins and the service was done promptly. Meantime the waiting room was spacious and had many great amenities to pass the time. Was really happy with the low cost of service and will definitely have next oil change and perhaps other service necessary performed are this Ford Service center.

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