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4.6 (199 comments)

Review №1


I bought my 22 Camry XSE after driving a 2021 SE as a rental for work. The first thing I noticed was the really low quality of the camera. Because I travel for work, I couldn’t find time to bring it in. I finally came in to have it serviced for the first time in February and asked them to take a look at it and was told that this was NOT normal and because they haven’t seen this issue yet in the new ones they would have to open up a case and talk to corporate. They also said that they wanted me to leave the car there for longer but I can’t do that without a loaner because I need a car for work. I brought it back in today, and asked them for an update on what had happened in February, if corporate had said anything, and there was NO NOTES in the system AND they told me that the technician said my camera is normal when compared to another Camry. I wasn’t able to compare it MYSELF. I had to go by their word. There is no way, that the camera on a 2021 SE is clearer and better than my 22 XSE. Not for the money you pay for this car.

Review №2


Had called about a truck I saw online. Set up to see Sabrina. Walked in and was greeted by the receptionist and was sent to Sabrina. Told her what I was looking for and she took me for a test drive. She was personable and friendly, so I felt very comfortable talking to her about the purchase. She got the paperwork going and I was in and out within 3 hours. She was great to work with. Melissa in the finance dept worked with my budget and I never felt pressure. It really was a great experience!

Review №3


Been getting the airbag recall notification in the mail for some time now. Called to schedule an appointment, which was super easy and didn’t have to wait on the phone long. Then got me in two days later for a 7 am appointment. They did the airbag recall a aid it would take them 3-4 hours, but it ended up being 5. I also had to return to get them to reset the lights on the dashboard because the airbag light was on.However, Glynn was incredibly helpful and kind. Very personable and friendly. Made the overall experience better.

Review №4


I have to brag on Daniel for helping me find and purchase my dream car. From the moment we stepped on the lot on our first visit he was honest and helpful, and he went the extra mile to find the exact vehicle that I wanted, color, trim, and all. He was just as excited as I was that I finally drove my brand new car off the lot today. Thank you Daniel and Rivertown for helping me get exactly what I wanted and having such an easy and exciting process along the way!

Review №5


My wife and I went to pick up her car after a diagnostic test we didnt realize that the service dept had already closed but Shawn the service department manager didnt turn us away he tracked down her car and got it to us. He went above and beyond! He was very genuine and seem to truly care about us as a customer! Michelle was also great and very knowledgeable she was the one who initially helped us. I highly recommend this dealership!

Review №6


Overall an enjoyable car buying experience at Rivertown Toyota. Was helped promptly by salesman Obie as soon as I arrived, but was not hassled or pushed during my initial browsing period.He worked with me during the purchasing period, showing me multiple options to find the payment rate and method that worked best for me, and assisted with my vehicle turn in.Never felt overwhelmed, and everything was laid out simple before me. Drove out with the vehicle the same day.

Review №7


Mike was awesome we started talking mid December and he showed me many cars and let me test drive them to. But the one I wanted was the Cross and it would be 3 months. He kept me updated and let me know if he had any leads on the same car with some different features. He also promised that my trade in amount wouldn’t change during those 3 months of waiting. Rivertown Toyota also offered me way more ( 4-6k more) then other dealers around Columbus area. Love the Corolla Cross and the 123 month /150k warranty i got for a great price.

Review №8


High end of price bracket for all services. No explanation when they call to explain the suggested services, but quick to throw you a quote. Used to have a couple of great service reps, buts the latest I really question the diagnosis they are giving you when calling. Did quick work needed on one of my Toyotas so that’s a plus. Overall I am satisfied, but given the opportunity, I would leverage the services elsewhere for cheaper yet equivalent service.

Review №9


Where do I start. The help there is amazing. My wife test drove a car and fell in love with it. We went to fill out the paperwork a few days later and man. We asked to do it the next day on her lunch break and they made everything so fast and easy we were in and out in no time. She still had time to get lunch. Mr Trund Comer and Mr. Lanton (hope I didnt misspell your name) thank you both for all the help and making the process so easy and fast, also to your finance personal as well. I cant remember his name but everyone there made it easy and fun. Keep up the great work.

Review №10


NO SERVICE AFTER THE SALE, They say they will call you back but never do! I Bought a 2010 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ (purge valve)from them and even with the extended warranty they sell I had to come out of pocket for parts to fix the car it takes a month after you get the warranty to use it so if something goes wrong you are out of luck if you cant afford to fix it yourself! I have been waiting a month to get my tags! they keep saying when some guy gets in they will call me back but never do! on the 18 of March of 2022 i will not be able to drive this car without a valid tag! service after the sale i dont know if they even know what that is! The lady we talked to today was short tempered and rude when we called! Be careful who you put your trust in! Everything that glitters isnt GOLD! Its my mistake I could of gotten the same car at other dealers in Columbus,Ga but rivertown looked like a standup company, I never expected that something as simple as a return call would be so difficult for them to do! What if something else more serious happened GOD help me if their my only hope! WELL CALL YOU BACK IS THEIR WAY OF GETTING YOU OFF THE PHONE FOR THE NEXT SUCKER, I MEAN VALUED CUSTOMER I GUESS!UPDATE: Its Now 05/019/2022 ( I purchased it 02/01/2022) I still cant get a tag, No one not even The General Manager will return calls! Nor Scott or anyone at this dealership! They offered me a toyota camry to drive ? Which I dont need or want its not what I bought- I would have to leave members of my family behind and double trips to go anywhere in it! Everyone be reminded I bought a 2010 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ because that is what I needed and wanted! The General Manager response means nothing in this post as he along with all his employees will not respond in any form to our questions about our tag? meanwhile WE KEEP MAKING PAYMENTS ON A CAR WE CANT DRIVE!FINALLY HAVE TAG 06/2022

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