4.2 (199 comments)

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The Kroger here is awful and has been for the 8 years that I have been here. Other then that it is a convenient shopping center. But it can be difficult to exit due to traffic Volume at times.

Review №2


Its a nice variety of places to eat and shop, from Mexican food to Thai, with some pizza as well. It also has one of the better Krogers (that isnt a Super Kroger) as well as a Supercuts to get your hair cut too. Great plaza

Review №3


A pretty nice shopping center. I came here to buy a birthday cake if I remember correctly.

Review №4


Love that a new Eat The Frog Fitness will soon be open here. Its just a few miles from my house! The one in Cumming is amazing and having this one open will be a great addition to this plaza.

Review №5


Shopped at Kroger which is my neighborhood market. I have shopped there since 1995. It is always well stocked with my favorite items.

Review №6


The best place to get an authentic meal that no matter your heritage, you will feel at home.

Review №7


Its like any other shopping center

Review №8


So many stores 2 go 2. Absolutely love Tuesday Morning than I go 2 Krogers & get my Food. Dont 4get 2 download the app so all u have 2 do is add the coupons 2 ur Krogers Card. Very clean & the Staff r so helpful. Prices r just right. Plus bring ur Coupons 2. Double the saving. With Everything going up I use all my coupons. Love a deal. Plus when u spend $100 4 the month u get 10cents per gallon off. A win, win situation.

Review №9


Great place to shop with a lot of options

Review №10


Nice clean shopping center just be careful driving in here because the patrons of the shopping center drive dangerously and too fast. Watch out for vehicles cutting across parking spaces to get to try to beat other vehicles to the exit. Maybe some sided bumps in here may show the traffic. Overall a nice clean shopping center.

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