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4.4 (199 comments)

Review №1


Not doing good this day ...1 person running the snack bar and she was overwhelmed .. trash running over, tables dirty, long line of people, no syrup in the drink machine except the Pepsi and when I bring this to the attention of management they let me know it isnt their job to help and they cant help that whomever scheduled workers for the snack bar didnt schedule a 2nd person ...Then when we ask for thier names and ask to speak to someone over their head the young male, Jimmy decides to get mouthy.I have been here before with no issues, and the problems within the snack bar I can excuse because of being short handed ...But there was no excuse for Gloria and Jimmys laziness and disrespect.

Review №2


After 11 years of membership I am currently disappointed . I ordered a window air conditioner online for curbside pickup . I got s as text went to the club and waited for my product. I took it home only to realize I couldn’t fit it in my window. Never taken out the box I returned it to store. Only to be embarrassed by being told I had already returned it. I had item with me, receipt with me app with me but store refused to return and refund item. After calling customer care, to no avail the problem was “ never” resolved..

Review №3


We went early so the store wasnt crowded. The shelves were well stocked and aisles we clearly labeled. We go once a month and have never been dissatisfied. Store is clean with wide aisles.

Review №4


Who may be interested in my story. It turns out to be last February 15. I visited this establishment in order to buy a good gift for my husbands daughter, who has her birthday on the same day, February 14. And I decided to buy a ninja pressure cooker. the last one left. the box was not in perfect condition but since it was the last one left, I grabbed that one. I got home and wrapped it in a gift wrap and gave it to her. normal price to part dirty and broken what a great disappointment. Today, February 18, I go to the customer service of Sam Pata to tell my story and return my money. They called the supervisor, a very rude lady, the worst I have ever met in my life, she treated me very badly and I did not want to return my money, she made me call Sams customer service. I had to return my money and he told me to put her on the phone and he didnt want to talk to the man. He told me to ask to speak with the older boss and raise the situation with him when she agreed after so much dilemma. Which of her boss told him yes give me my money back because I was the second person to present this problem. I dont remember the name of the supervisor but if she looks at the comments she will know. And if your boss sees this, you know who he is today, February 18, he was working. In the afternoon. It is very unpleasant to go to a place to have a problem solved and they treat you badly and accuse you of theft. He told me that I or my husband or His daughter had changed the pot. That unpleasant episode made me change my mind and I dont plan to go to that establishment anymore. When you buy a piece of equipment, check it out before leaving the store. Otherwise, I was treated with racism and I felt discriminated against

Review №5


We ordered a pool from here and after a week it was finally delivered. Only one box showed up and so I went online to the help line and they basically gave me the run around . So I took it back to the store and tried to at least get a refund and they wouldnt do it , stating they cant do online returns in store . I remember plainly on the website that it gives me the option to bring it to any sams location and get an immediate refund . But oh no they wont because we dont have the whole order , yet thats why we are there , because they only gave us a partial delivery . We have the receipts stating only one box was shipped and delivered . We are an active plus member and it states that we have access to the satisfaction guaranteed policy and the pool is backed by it . We are out of 400 dollars and have a pool liner and ladder and skimmer but no pool frame , no cover , no pump and no filter as it states that comes with it. Im so frustrated and angry .

Review №6


They had a slip out that they had a IPad in stock. I did scan and go and it let me enter it. I then went to the lady at self checkout to check to make sure they had it and she started looking for a green vest person that could help. All toll it took 22 minutes for them to figure out it really wasn’t in stock. This is why you’re so much better off to use Costco if you have any choice.

Review №7


Prices are great for the quantities received. Store was clean and organized just a lot of walking. Stores like this always can approve on customer service. I met one employee that seemed some what pleasent and enthusiastic and that was our cashier. They offer a variety of products.

Review №8


Cream cheese muffins were rich, sweet, and buttery.

Review №9


WoW! Been a while sence we have stayed at Hampton and what a surprise. Cut above the rest. Staff, room, service, breakfast, everything was awesome. We felt like we were at home. Safe and comfortable. Well be back.

Review №10


Like most any Sams Club. Prices can be good value, but not always. It pays to know the cost for the same or a comparable product at Walmart/Publix/etc. before thinking youre getting a great deal when you really arent.

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