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Phone: +1 470-731-5995
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–6PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6PM
  • Friday:9AM–6PM
  • Saturday:10AM–5PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.1

199 Reviews for The 1800 at Barrett Lakes 2023:

Review №1


Do not believe the good reviews. When I moved in the pantry doors were broken, closet doors were broken, closet racks broke as soon as I hung clothes up. Bugs everywhere, and pest control does not help.(they say pest control is included but you have to request it each week if you want it) I killed about a million centipedes and they would not stop coming. The wood was rotting on the patio door which would let more bugs in. You pay rent plus about an extra $200 in fees. The front office literally would not answer me or my roommates calls unless we used *67 to block the caller ID because they did not want to fix anything. Not a safe area either. Popcorn ceilings, but also, popcorn walls because they paint over any and everything. The AC/heat unit was so loud I couldn’t sleep for the first 5 months and they would not fix it or replace it. If you live below someone you will be able to hear they’re entire day of walking above you. My mail was constantly lost in the parcel pending and the front office was no help ever. I would have to call parcel pending directly every single time I got something delivered. The payment portal went down twice and the front tried to say we didn’t pay rent and up charged us multiple times when it was their fault. Worst experience I’ve ever had renting, and I’m so happy to be gone, trying to help other people so they do not live here and don’t waste their money.

Review №2


I have put in a request for maintenance more than four times since I moved in in April. They have not come and fixed anything but a leak in the apartment above me. All my requests have either been canceled or marked completed EVEN THOUGH NOTHING HAS BEEN WORKED ON. The maintenance guy was rude the one and only time he’s been at my apartment for the leak. None of my other problems have been addressed. I’ve gone to the front office and all they do is tell me to put in another request. It’s been over 2 months.

Review №3


Since I’ve been here the work orders never get completed. They mark it as complete but never come out. The new African American women in the front has been outstanding with my Ac maintenance request and has been doing very well following up with me. Everything and anyone outside of her i can’t say the same. Thanks to that women who has been stepping in when everyone was out she did amazing and helped me get my AC back working

Review №4


The community itself here is great, and our upstairs neighbors are super quiet and/or the ceilings are well constructed. However, weve had issues from day one that have yet to be resolved; the leasing office promised to address them but never followed through.- Weve been waiting over a month for the leasing office to fix foundation leaks that are flooding the carpets. They initially said it was a leak in the a/c system and they just needed to reconnect a hose. The a/c promptly stopped working and the leak persisted. They finally came by to look at the actual leak, cut the hallway carpet in half, removed the padding, and left fans saying someone would be there within a week or so to look at the foundation... no word since.- Theres black mold in the walls of the porch closet. Something within the walls itself is leaking. No response to the maintenance request I placed when we moved in.- This complex is not smoke free and does not enforce their smoking policies. They additionally do not clean the apartments with this in mind. When we first moved in it smelt rancid and the leasing offices response was essentially we cleaned it but well check again -- which they never did. Ended up investing in a carpet cleaning machine and, as expected, the carpets were saturated with smoke particles and grime.- Community cleanliness sucks. Our neighbors keep their furniture in the walkway. The leasing office promised to issue a violation but the issue has persisted. The non-optional trash valet service also doesnt pick up half the time causing a widespread trash pile up. Then they only pick up the one bag in the 10-gallon trash can. Why am I forced to pay for the valet trash service if Im consistently forced to throw the trash away myself?- Lastly, the apartment itself. While I definitely still like the way it looks overall, it does seem to be falling apart or look poorly repaired in some areas. Also was not expecting popcorn walls and for the apartment to be missing the microwave and fridge depicted in the virtual tour. Not the biggest deal but definitely noteworthy.

Review №5


The staff is absolutely terrible. When I first arrived my apartment wasnt even ready like it was suppose to be. And after living there I put multiple maintenance request and not a single one was answered. I had to physically go up to the office a plethora of times just to get a response and even then it took months before my requests were met. This place only cares about getting your money and nothing else. Wouldnt wish this place on my worst enemy.

Review №6


Had a scheduled tour set up and no one showed or called. Had to call the off site answering service and all they could do is tell me that they show the leasing office as open after confirming I did have a scheduled tour. Drove 2 hours to tour an apartment and they didnt have the decency to let me know they wouldnt be here. Verify before heading this way that someone is in the office. I sat here from 320 pm to 430 pm today which is Sunday and they are supposed to be open 1-5 pm per their sign, answering service and website.

Review №7


I have to start with “the administration changed”, so “maybe” things will be different, however, representatives of the leasing office have bad communication skills, they dont answer the phone frequently, emails or even the messages that you leave in the answering machine. apparently theirs no communication between them and the maintenance crew. I called yesterday and one of the representatives (aka Molly) told me that all my requests were “fixed” on the 23th when NONE of them havent. I asked The representative that send me my renew lease if they could at least clean the carpet of the apartment since this is going to be my 3rd year living there and they raised my rent above $120, she said yes, however it didnt happened. I learned to fix a couple of things on my own because maintenance instead of fixing the problem makes it worst, but the things happening know I cant fix them. I always pay on time and I dont give any problems to my neighbors or the leasing office. I deserve better. Eli from maintenance is excellent!!! Thanks!!

Review №8


I don’t really have any complaints about living in this community except the delay in trash pick up, spiders and roaches was a shock. But I learned that coming from Michigan to the south the invading bugs are a standard part of living unfortunately. But the positive part was they sent an exterminator immediately who educated me in the new way of living.

Review №9


Rip off! Outdated apartments with mold! Every month it’s a new misc. fee added to rent. Do not! Do not move here! It’s so many other better apartments to move into. Trash is everywhere on a daily basis

Review №10


JUST DONT! Unresponsive, band aid fix’s, no empathy, rude staff.From day one nothing but problems. What a sad experience for my kids and their friend moving into such a dump. Constant poor communication starting move in day, not cleaned, discussed 2nd time not cleaned.Last tenets didn’t coordinate with company to move washers and dryers out before we moved in and then .hounded us to get them.Roaches immediately were noticed all over. 1st bedroom I thought may have been a previous smoker: black ceilings, dust and debris. Smells bad. Later found poor HVAC system along with mold!!! mold all over. Again difficult to get follow through with company, met with irritation. It was so bad coming down there to think everyone has been breathing this in items are ruined! Contacted top corporation no news back. They prey on college kids and small families within a budget, who either lack the experience, knowledge, or money to push back and have the problems fixed legitimately and not cheapest way out. Who sprays bathtubs with spray paint? Don’t just look at nice office, really see where lack of maintenance to structure has been. They nickel and dime things. Daughter had her MacBook stolen on property as well:(