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3.7 (114 comments)

Review №1


I wouldn’t recommend anyone to move here. They do not fix things. They keep saying they are short staff. Carolina knocks on people’s door during a pandemic looking for money. She does not return emails. It takes maintenance two weeks to try and fix things. Also there’s a hunting ground behind the apartment. You hear loud gunshots during hunting season. Not a good place for kids. This place needs to be torn down. So my building caught on fire after we recently has a so called fire extinguisher inspection. I don’t know what complex they inspected because only 1 fire extinguisher was out of 5 was full the rest was empty. Nobody from the office reached out to the tenants to see if everything was okay. The burned debris stayed on the ground for a week and a half. I have pictures for everyday it stayed on the ground and maintenance drove past it every day and never picked it up. They also play phone games. They don’t answer the phone or return your messages. They have caller ID. When I called right back from a different number then they picked up the phone……

Review №2


Apartment 901 constantly floods. I’ve been saying something since 2011 about the flooding and now in 2022. July 1st. The ceiling collapsed while I was at work. Wouldn’t recommend place this to my worst enemy.

Review №3


If your seeking a decent living place please look elsewhere. I have been here almost a year and have experienced the worst especially from management! there is no way to contact corporate the number i received from the so welcoming and evil “Carolina” does not work! i’ve even drove to the corporate office it’s completely EMPTY! no one answers the phone for the number they have listed on the website. My issue here is the AC! it has been out for over a month our “friendly staff” in the office “carolina” has literally sent maintenance out 12 times! maintenance is obviously not able to correct the issue but they continue to send him out and it’s literally working for one day! my other issue is the roaches upon moving in i noticed roaches here and there but immediately used my own method of pest control and was able to control it that’s with keeping my unit clean of course. next issue is trash the trash is always overflowing trash in breezeway LOTS OF TRASH!!! mold is a huge issue as well as a soon to fall roof! Please avoid these apartments by all means unless you desperately need a place to stay which was my case. There are other tenants here that are experiencing the same issue with the AC as well as other things.FOX 5 is next!

Review №4


The manager has not sense of urgency. Anytime you have a maintenance issue it gets swept under the rug, things rarely get taken care of in this apartment complex. Things have gotten so bad, that if you demand for things to be taken care of properly you get yelled at by the manager of the complex. Maintenance requests are posted to the site and completed on the computer but we never receive a visit to get anything fixed.

Review №5


My sliding door did not close all the way and it wouldn’t lock. I discovered this on a Saturday as I was unpacking boxes. The “emergency maintenance “ guys came by and essentially told us they couldn’t fix it. I went to the office on Monday and they said that they had the order and was sending someone over. Today is Thursday and they still haven’t been over to fix it. Also I don’t have a key to access my mailbox.

Review №6


I didn’t have a pleasant experience living here. Moving forward, after 3 years of moving out in being charged for something. The office staff and corporate isn’t answering.Please provide another form of communication. Emails work if you ACTUALLY reply.

Review №7


8-25-2021---DO NOT MOVE HERE...there has been violence here and last night someone was shot in the 300 building. I have lived here for 2 years and signed a new lease only because we are trying to buy a house in a few months. I have 2 small kids who cant go to the playground outside our building because there is broken glass, and people always walking around smoking weed. One of the bathrooms has a leaky ceiling over the tub, they stop the leak from upstairs sometimes. But there is a mold spot, and they have not tried to fix anything on the ceiling. The other bathroom my toilet will not flush correctly. I was told many times by management that plumber is scheduled to be here such and such date never shows. I do not feel safe here will be moving. I had to give one star to post but should be zero. ROACHES TOO...we had to bomb our apt twice in the last 6 months.

Review №8


Worst apartment complex in all of Duluth. With that being said the apartments are very spacious ND would be nice if there was a change in management , Ive complained about the apartment for the 2yrs Ive been here and still havent seen anything being done about any of the issues . The management thinks that sending out flyers is a solution but all it does is make things worse . Ive been dealing with a roach infestation for the last year and half due to the disgusting neighborhood its either littered with trash everywhere or neighbors throwing trash off their balconies . And if u ask them to send pest control they send some cheap no good company that only sprayed my kitchen which made roach migrate to other areas of the apartment I keep a clean house but it doesnt matter when your neighbors like living in a landfills

Review №9


Been trying to schedule a tour for an apartment here for weeks now, and no one ever picks up the phone at the office!!! I even leave voicemails and messages online when I want to schedule a tour. Never receive a call back!! Whoever works at front desk or the leasing department never picks up!!!! Already shows how these apartment complex really is which is so disappointing.

Review №10


Living here was great and very delightful definitely a good memory to remember, nice spacious apartments and good caring management. I moved out not too long ago to get a townhome and came back recently to get some documents and Claudia assisted me well and they still all had excellent service. Definitely recommended.

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