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3.7 (57 comments)

Review №1


I love this place! The hallways, mail room, pet room, and outdoors is kept very clean, which is a big deal to me. I love Mrs. Kim, she made my move-in here very stress-free, and she is always very sweet. The living space is nice, and the neighbors are friendly.

Review №2


To be honest they shouldnt even been allowing people to move in. They still have windows that are missing, the parking is horrible and people park however they want too. Not to mention your parking $100 for nothing. Mailbox keys arent working. They never pick up the phone or reply to emails. The fire alarms are always going off. They will tell you one price but once you sign you lease the forget to mention the add on fees. None of the amenities are open yet. Gym is down, dog wash down, washing room down, the store is down. I know people that have been here since August and everything is still being worked on. I cant wait for my lease to be up. Very ghetto

Review №3


I moved into Twenty25 this month. The property is maintained beautifully. The amenities are awesome. The property management company is wonderful - leasing managers and maintenance associates both. I highly recommend this property for your next home!

Review №4


Nice community, very close to Barrett Pkwy. Has a big lake with walking trails. Also, Gabrial in the leasing office is a pleasure to deal with! She is kind, professional, helpful, and friendly.

Review №5


Rent has increased to almost $500 which is absolutely ridiculous.. $1271 to $1749 for a 1bdrm.. less than a year.. I’ve called other properties for my son and they definitely think this is outrageous how the price increased.

Review №6


The service they provide here is amazing. When we first walked in to ask questions and check out the apartment buildings, we were greeted with friendly smiles and faces. The office is beautiful and clean! Sonia has helped me out tremendously during my leasing process and with everything else. She has answered all of my questions and has been extremely professional. I honestly could not have asked for a better person than Sonia to help me through this process. The other people that work there are also helpful and whenever I call the office for any questions, they answer in the most helpful and friendly way. I am so grateful to have found such a nice apartment complex with all the amenities I was looking for and on top of that, to be helped and taken care of the way they have done it. I recommend this place to everyone who asks!!

Review №7


Its great to live but if you dont want to move after 1-2 years I dont recommend it. Rent increases every time, no matter what based on the market.- Originally paid $1160- Signed a 6 month at $1450- got my renewal letter for $1460 for a 12 month lease.Got a call yesterday from the leasing office, they havent been charging me pet rent or trash, so I now have a lump sum I owe for past months missed.Overall It is a good place to live, as long at youre good at ignoring your neighbors yelling at each other, or having loud relations after yelling at each other- you probably wont hate it. Kimberly in the leasing office is always helpful and cheery.

Review №8


AVOID THIS PLACE. I applied for a one bedroom for the end of July 2021 back in June and was approved but never got a welcome letter or a lease agreement . I checked in with them throughout the process to ensure I had done everything on my end. They told me I was good to go, they were just behind on getting out welcome letters to applicants. Fast forward to early July, I get a call from the manager saying that the apartment I was approved for is no longer available and they couldn’t get into details why. Then instead of offering me a comparable apartment, she offers me the smallest one bedroom they have at a higher price than I was approved for. After pressing the manager for an answer as to why my original apartment was all of a sudden no longer available, she told me it was because the original tenants decided to renew. However, that doesn’t make sense because I was already approved for that apartment so the original tenants shouldn’t have been able to take it back like that. That’s the whole point of tenants giving 30 or 60 days notice. Regardless, I now have less than a month from my current lease ending to scramble to find an apartment to avoid being out in the streets. These people have truly put me in a bind, and management was totally dismissive to that fact, when I told them that.

Review №9


I’ve been living at this property for 5 years now and it has maintained its curb appeal quite nicely. The grounds are well maintained, friendly neighbors and it’s relatively quiet all year round. No complaints there from me.I was hoping when this property went under new management I wouldn’t see any drastic changes for the worse. The renewal price increases used to be reasonable but not anymore. It doesn’t seem like Cushman/Wakefield and it’s managers have any plans on keeping their long standing residents. I’ve never seen a 23% increase in rent renewal in nearly 18yrs of renting. I’ve seen markets RISE and FALL. Never once have I woken up to a renewal notice of nearly a $300 monthly increase. I should have seen the signs. My last renewal was an increase of nearly $100 which I thought was a bit steep but I could manage. I eventually found out terminating a lease here doesn’t follow the common standards. 60 day(s) notice just won’t cut it anymore I guess. Its 60 days notice plus a little extra fees. I figured this time around another steep but doable increase, but I was terribly wrong. The explanation given to why that drastic increase. That’s just the MARKET IN OUR AREA. Long standing tenant or not, they are clearly taking advantage of the state & local municipal laws of no cap on rent renewal increases. NEARLY $300 more! Now I’m getting emails of come down to the office and give us your 60 day notice, you have till June 6th. Yea definitely a turn for the worse in terms of customer service etiquette and reasonable renewal offers. There’s definitely nicer and newer apartments for the money…throughly explore your options. My other problem with this renewal. I absolutely hate moving.

Review №10


Ive been living at Twenty25 Barrett for 3 months now, and I can say I thoroughly enjoy living here. I love our unit. The kitchen, hardwood floors, and ceilings are beautiful. Weve had zero issues so far with our unit. The landscaping, exterior of the buildings, hallways, and parking lots are kept up nicely which is a big deal to me. Kimberly and Aleicia were a joy to work with during the move-in process and were very helpful. My interactions with them further solidified the fact that we made the right decision moving here. The rental rates may be a little higher than the average rental rates for apartments in Kennesaw, but definitely worth the extra few dollars.

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