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3.8 (199 comments)

Review №1


Great selection of junk food!!!Also has quality produce and very good parking considering its in the city... 8 out of 10 Would recommend.

Review №2


If I could give Walmart a ZERO on customer services, l would with Honor.I called hours on hours, and never got an answer from customer service. I came to the store to ask the question, no one had an I-Qhigher than their shoe size; so it was a wasted trip.The self- checkouts are long and slow.The stockers, cashiers, and customer service are messy and ghetto. You can’t get any assistance, because they are engage in conversations with each other.The store has the potential to be great, however the staff and food quality make it virtually impossible.My suggestions are the following:1... staff should be able to make a completesentence2... I am not prejudice, however there should bemore than people of colored3....Good management starts at the Top4.....Rotate your products5.....Fresh produce, should be freshI am sure this review will not change anything. but I want buyers to be aware.

Review №3


We flew into ATL from out of town placed a Grocery pickup order we expected to pick up by 9pm. Our flight delayed and we didnt arrive at Walmart until 10:20. Their Grocery Pickup dept was already closed. ROBERT, the manager on duty was so kind to help me, he patiently scoured the back to find our order and worked with another team member to get us our order. We sincerely appreciated his kindness and compassion in helping us with our pickup as we had a 2 hr drive ahead of us. Thank you Robert and the night team for your kindness. You are appreciated 💛

Review №4


It’s always something. I go there today and they said we stop allowing people in at 10:45 when they close at 11 like it’s a club or restaurant or something. Luckily it’s in the same plaza as Kroger or I wouldn’t be able to quickly grab my items and leave. So aggravating.

Review №5


Horrible walmart do better!!! You can not force people to work for you. If this location or any other location forces their patrons/customers to check themselves out by closing down all the check lines then you all should give a discount or cut people a check! I dont work for Walmart and after a long day at work it is absolutely unreasonable and unacceptable to force us to go to self check out to ring up $300 worth of groceries, or however much was spent, the point is have enough respect for your PAYING CUSTOMERS TO HAVE AT LEAST 2 CHECK OUT LINES OPEN AFTER A CERTAIN HOUR BUT AT 730pm in the evening ALL LINES SHOULD BE OPEN. You hire cashiers and pay them to do the job that u force me and others to do for free!!!!!! Free labor is illegal just encase you all forgot. And the managers and people that do work for Walmart are standing around laughing and NOT WORKING BUT GETTING PAID!!!!! But THEN U ALL HAVE THE NERVE TO TRY TO CHECK MY RECEIPT 🤨🤔🤣 PLEASE SOMEBODY MAKE IT MAKE SENSE

Review №6


This use to be one of the best Walmarts to come to. Tonight I asked Dante if he could ask the woman who he referred to as manager (Was given the name Kesha) if someone could sweep up the glass yogurt jar that had been shattered next to self check out as well as underneath the self check kiosk I was at. Happy to say I just found a shard in my shoe . You all had a couple of employees in the beauty and personal care section not tending to the knocked down shelf also. If you dont want your job, just say that. Plenty that are willing and wanting the work.

Review №7


Every employee who worked tonight in the self checkout area - including the door lady - should be fired for the profanity they were yelling at customers as we exited the store. 3 women in particular, all 3 Walmart associates, were yelling “we are f*cking closed”, and “yall can get this sh*t tomorrow get out of our store” as we were rushed out 10 MINUTES BEFORE 11pm!! They weren’t even closed yet!!! I have NEVER been spoken down to or disrespected by a Walmart employee in my life - and 3 of them turned my favorite Walmart into the one I will never visit again. They should be ashamed of themselves acting like that.

Review №8


The thing is... its a mess. The parking lot isnt the reason you go inside either- its a filthy mess! However, the store seems dimly lit and some items arent easy to find. Also, if you go during late night hours you will need to pay with a card instead of cash. I dont understand this but alas, Wally-World is a must for which I cant get away from!

Review №9


Just needs a little bit more variety in some departments. Some of the items were out of stock eventhough their online store says items are available. Not impressed with the shoe department as the selections for men, women and children was subpar at best.

Review №10


I actually didnt go to Walmart, I went to the Subway inside Walmart. I only ordered 2 Icee. I had to wait 15 minutes because 2 people were before me. I had to pay for them then was told that the coke icee wasnt ready and it will be 10 minutes. They should had told me before hand. I asked for my money back. It took her 10 minutes to figure it out. The Coke Icee was ready so I got the Icee instead of getting by money back. I was late getting back to work and got a talking from the supervisor.

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