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Review №1


A couple of thing I can say about this Walmart in Columbus. It is very clean and the people are nice and friendly and I also can say that about the staff. kind very helpful and very considerate about others. I can say that about the ones I come in contact with. But Im pretty sure there are some people in there are not that way. but I didnt run in to any one of those persons. so Im going to give everybody the benefit of doubt and said its a good place to shop at.

Review №2


Beware!!! Zero Stars!! I had the most horrible and ugliest experience on yesterday at this location!!! I had a curbside pickup order. The order was not huge at all. I called in to let someone know that I was outside. I was rudely asked which lane was I parked in. I said # 7 .. the young black lady said “can you move your car to #1” I said why … she said “because it’s hot outside and I don’t want to walk that far”. Her response blew my mind. Mind you I wasn’t parked that far. I was parked near the doorway that they bring out your items from. I told her “no I’m not moving; that’s wear and tear on my battery and starter”!!! Horrible customer service that you could ever imagine!! I will never bring my money back here again!! The employee Cari came out (Curbside) with my items and didn’t speak or greet us!! The employees are sorry and lazy and don’t want to work!! Get yourself another job and become educated so you can do BETTER ‼️‼️‼️

Review №3


Better than some other local Walmart locations but absolutely major room for improvements in every possible way....staff, stock, cleanliness, management is horrible to the staff but worse to customers, garden center is deplorable and 95% of plants are dead but not marked down or removed from the rest of the plants. Dead roaches in plain view inside in the middle of the isles is a regular sight. Will say the restrooms 🚻 are probably the cleanest areas in there shamefully but a clean restroom is a good thing at least. Only ever shop here out of necessity when my local grocery store is out of stock for my pets brands of food and treats and even then I try Petsmart first.

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Review №5


Almost got robbed here walking through the entrance in the store. The greeter at the door noticed something was up, pretended not to see and started cackling— just really odd behavior.Later when shopping, a worker was shopping in their uniform, for whatever reason put their basket right behind me semi blocking me in on an almost empty aisle…just 0 situational awareness.Just driving around the parking lot for a spot the buggy person was strolling all over the parking lot with a mile long row of carts…that you had to swerve around. Felt like the twilight zone here today.0 stars overall, but kudos to the guy that works in self checkout out, who speaks and gets the line always moving. Very helpful!

Review №6


We love this walmart! The staff is so sweet and friendly! My 2year old daughter loves Danny the door greeter thats her buddy, she cant wait to give him our receipt when we leave! He makes our shopping experience so great everytime! Thanks Danny!

Review №7


I bought a black max weed eater from this store Monday. I go to unpack it today to use it and realize that it not only is missing parts (the spool that holds the line and the line) but is has obviously been used (grass all over the bottom portion of it). So I go spend 20 more minutes packing all of the parts back up and taping the box and drive another 15 minutes out to the Walmart and wait in line for 15 more minutes and customer service. The first lady was nice enough to give me my money back when I explained the situation. I wanted this weed eater and so I went to look for a replacement and they did not have that particular one they had one that had an edger component also which was about $25 more. In my opinion they should have done an even swap because 1) they sold me a used weed eater that didnt have all the parts and I had to spend an hour of my time bringing it back and 2) they did not have that weed eater that I had bought. The lady and customer service was less than courteous and even offered less assistance or an apology for my wasted time and effort she just told me it doesnt work like that. I used to go to this Walmart for five times a week but all my paint supplies everything from there and I will never step foot in that s*** hole again

Review №8


I just was at this Walmart today and there was a verbal fight between a customer and a associate. The customer was cursing so good in English and it was very nasty and beautiful at the same time. I think the associate will get fired. I’m out.

Review №9


Wal-Mart you never fail to disappoint. I stopped here for a few minutes to pick up some groceries as we were not close to our regular grocery store. The selection is ok, store reasonably clean. Unfortunately, the person ahead of me’s check/credit/debit card declined and ended up waiting for manager to come and correct. Never fails. Lines are slower than proverbial molasses.

Review №10


Never have stock, employees are rude, I hate going but I love convenience, so I do what I have too.

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