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3.9 (199 comments)

Review №1


Love this place but its getting ridiculous with having ro wait in line for them to rummage through your bags. So I just walk around the big lines at the exit. My time is valuable and I dont like wasting it. You are not Costco and have no right to check bags after purchase. Once I pay at the register it becomes my private property so no I wont be showing you any reciept

Review №2


Worst Walmart parking lot layout in the continental United States. - well, maybe not that bad, but has to be close.Also, they use little to no AC in the South Georgia summer heat. Got to keep profits up I guess.Also, today, Monday June 20, 2022, I was about to purchase a container of Great Value Ranch Dip that expired on 04-21-22. That’s one day less than two full months past expiration date. Glad I checked.

Review №3


They AC does not work and employees share that corporate does not want to fix it because they refuse to close the store. But on hot days I feel like I am about to pass out. It is so hot and crowded inside that I avoid it unless I have no option.

Review №4


This Walmart is not the greatest. Some employees are the rudest he and some are the nicest. Unfortunately Ive had some of the bad employees to deal with. Also the plants to choose from are horrendous. Theyre either drowning in water or never seen a drop off water cause theyre all dried out. I love plants and its so sad to see these lovely plants like this. They truly dont care here thats for sure.

Review №5


Great customer service. Very neat and organized. Have great eye catching displays. They keep their aliases stocked and well taken care of .

Review №6


Let me preface this by saying, I’m a life long Walmart customer, have visited several Walmarts in several states, and this review is based on the Walmart super center here in Hinesville GA, and my experiences lately and most especially today. I spend hundreds of dollars in Walmart weekly, a thousand or more monthly because I do ALL of my shopping for ALL reasons at my local Walmart, preferring the super center over the neighborhood markets. I now and have worked in the past in customer service, so I know for a fact that the customer is NOT always right, but today took the cake, I made purchases and was using my God given and Sam Walton right to make a return and was treated very rudely, I used two forms of payment for my purchases, a Walmart gift card and a GA issued, EBT card that can only be used to purchase food, my return was a bottle of over the counter medication, the initial employee, Latashia, nonchalantly told me the return was to be on my EBT card, when I disagreed, she sucked her teeth, rolled her eyes, said she would get the manager, that turned out to be the team leader, Carol, who came in hot, was rude, dismissive, and wouldn’t listen to me at all, so I asked to speak to her manager, then Ms. Christine came in, just in case I mixed the names up, she had a British accent, she came in not initially wanting to listen, but I took a beat, explained my frustration of, if I came to purchase said item with foodstamps, I wouldn’t be allowed to do so, therefore, why would my refund be in that form, I wasn’t asking for cash, I was asking for it to simply be returned in the same form I purchased it with. None of the employees would acknowledge that I nor anyone else would ever be able to purchase over the counter medication with foodstamps, but after much time was wasted, I was returned my purchase amount on a gift card without any apology at all offered. While, I have no other choice but to continue to shop at this particular Walmart, I do not do it with the same confidence that I have shopped other Walmarts where customers were appreciated, treated better, and offered the required customer service any customer should expect when spending their hard earned money in a place that is built on customer service.

Review №7


They have a lot of clearance unmarked and scans full price and they also have a lot of items sitting around the store with no price at all. Without the app scanning correctly there is no way to know what you will pay. I probably wont shop this Walmart again for a while because of these issues.

Review №8


The lady at the door was very rude a prejudice. She check my receipt but several white customers went out and she told them have a nice day.went back in store got a gallon of oil and car wash accessories no bag took out in hand and stop and for receipt again. Very unprofessional.

Review №9


Never enough help rude cashiers always out of stock. Now I Never shop there .except for my prescriptions. This store has gone to hell.

Review №10


Reasonable prices.. but please get the A/C fixed..makes shopping experience not that fun because youre rushing to leave because its so dang hot

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