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4.1 (199 comments)

Review №1


Not much to say. Its Walmart. Very organized and clean though. Ginormous. I wish these places had a better directory of where things are located. They barely have cashiers at registers. Youre likely to do self checkout. They have Burger King, and Money Services at this Walmart. Not sure if its the standard at all of them.

Review №2


Employees are a lot of times kind of aholes. Especially if theyre stocking an isle and heaven forbid you respectfully ask them a question about a local products location ..whew. But they have everything

Review №3


So this is my first time shopping at this Walmart as a customer, Ive been meaning to go here when I found out about its location. I like the area that it sits in and its not half bad at all it was fully stocked with essential items that people were looking for over a year ago when the pandemic first hit. If Im not mistaken I believe that this Walmart is going to get a remodel within the next year it definitely needs it, is one of the few Walmarts that still have tile floors most of your newer and remodel Walmarts have taken the tile out of the stores and left it with a concrete surface but other than that they will fully stock and the customers and Associates were very nice I would definitely go back if Im in the area so check them out

Review №4


Nice super Walmart but shelves have been running empty and checkout lines are very very very long like you are half way into the aisle waiting in line for the self checkout. Also everything you want or need seems to be sold out. However, since it’s a super Walmart, it has a very large selection of food items and regular groceries plus electronics and automotive section so pretty good when it has things and you’re not waiting in line

Review №5


The grocery pick up service at this Walmart is far better then other locations. The associate brought my order to my car almost immediately. She was super friendly too! Unlike other Walmarts, this location actually has pick up spaces available to park in.

Review №6


This is the worse possible Walmart help. Shelves are bare , retail help is next to zero and theyre quick to tell you oh Im on my lunch break and will walk away leaving you lost with no answers😢🤔🤷 . They deserve zero stars! Do yourself and your wallet a favor, shop at TARGET!!!

Review №7


Today, I went to the Walmart Supercenter located at 4004 Lawrenceville Hwy NW, Lilburn, GA 30047.The store has been extensively remodeled fairly recently, and many items have been relocated to such an extent that locating them has become a continuing challenge.Im aware that its possible to use the Walmart app to determine item location by aisle, but sometimes its just nice to ask a handy store associate for such help... you know, like the way things used to be done.On my visit today, the following ladies were very politely helpful to me in locating a particularly difficult to find item.Their names are Sadie, Diana, and Jenny and I publicly thank them for their help!

Review №8


Ive been shopping at this location for years.. its very hot or miss.. you never really know what youre gonna get when you walk in.. when I went by a week ago the entire store is under construction.. that makes things very hard to find.. I was expecting to find my cereal next to the shampoo 😫🤷🤔🤣but Im looking forward to seeing what this upgrade or revamp is going to look like.. Im also angry that the last 3 times Ive gone to get my concealer it is out of stock.. actually almost the entire Milani makeup section has been empty.. hope its not being phased out!!

Review №9


The prices on the shelves said one thing, then when u gets to the checkout counter the price doubles...Thats fair to the customers.. The dates on meats ,bread was outdated...example buying today may 4.& date on the product say may 6..not fair...whos going to eat 5 or six meats in two days...The prices r very high for this kind of service...Would u do that to ur family.. Walmart doesnt save u money anymore...

Review №10


Its a very popular and crowded Walmart. I actually hate coming here and the only reason i do is because its the closet to my home. However, i usually prefer other Walmarts that are cleaner and have better stock.Update 5/22/22I dont know what goofy executive decided that it was best to move everything around and make the shopping lanes even narrower. Now its incredibly congested due to bottlenecks in the grocery area.They literally may as well put traffic lights in this thing to help manage cart congestion and keep people from running into each other. This might be my last time shopping at this particular one!

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