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3.9 (199 comments)

Review №1


The people working in the curbside pickup are at best terrible at their jobs and at worst are just plain thieves. I ordered ten sets of two small Coleman propane tanks. It took 22 minutes of waiting before someone came out with the order. He loaded five sets and I asked where the rest of the order was. The guy shrugged and walked away. I was able to flag down someone else who said it was fine and all I had to do was call their 800 number and they would issue a refund. Well, the people at the 800 number had no idea what I was talking about and wouldn’t refund anything since I didn’t have proof. What proof could I possibly have that I didn’t receive something I bought? Now I’m out $50 and I’m guessing an employee or their friends are having a nice camping trip with the propane tanks I paid for. (Before anyone asks, I was charged for ten sets of two, 20 tanks total, I did not misread the order and think it was five two packs totaling ten but maybe the person filling the order thought so? Either way I’m out a lot of money.

Review №2


I like to bring attention to an incident I experienced at the check-out counter! One item did not had a Bar Code and the cashier asked me if I knew how much the item was, when I replied no, she asked me if I could go back to the Garden Center to check on the price. My son who was also standing in line asked politely the Cashier if she could just call the Garden Center to check on the price. The Cashier did not say anything and just walked off to the Service Center, which took some time until she came back with a Service Representative who then checked on the item. I am not sure if it was a lack of training but this Cashier had no sense of Customer Service, it seemed she did not care to be there!

Review №3


Let me tell you...Customer Service is not completely dead. Ms. Valerie with her beautiful bold hair color at self checkout was a breathe of fresh air. It was an in and out morning for me and she came right over to me and asked if I needed help since my arms were full. She talked with me for a few minutes and I was delighted to be around her beautiful high energy. Thank You Ms. Valerie for brightening my day.

Review №4


So I never wouldve expected to give a Walmart 5 ⭐ but this store was immaculate and the shelves were stocked slap full! We also were looking for some Georgia bulldog Championship Coke cans which we could not find on the shelves so we asked a Coke employee who was stocking and he went to the back and brought some out! We found it interesting that the store was stocked so well yet the one by our house in Florida is starting to have bare shelves.

Review №5


Personnel are always incredibly friendly, informative, and genuinely pleasant. I have yet to come across a member of the staff that was rude in any way. I will continue to shop here until, for whatever reason, they are no longer open! Happy shopping!

Review №6


Absolute trash. Went here to buy some trees for my garden and they were all on their last legs, wilted, and no one was out in the garden section to help me. Had to walk all the way inside to customer service desk where no one knew anything. They called 2 different supervisors and told me to go wait outside by the trees. Waited 30 minutes for someone to show up and when I asked if I could get a discount on these trees since they havent been tended to the response was Theyre just dry. (No they werent) and I can give you a discount on the one in the back (Reference: circled) THEY WANTED TO GIVE ME A DISCOUNT ON THE DEAD TREE? THEY SHOULDNT EVEN BE SELLING THAT. Absolute trash.

Review №7


Cosmetics section is almost always empty. The LA Colors assortment is minimal if any. Always crowded and loud. The only good thing is that they almost always have my Amys kitchen ravioli with cheese.

Review №8


I want to personally, with the utmost sincerity, THANK the personnel who work at the Walmart Pharmacy. Of particular note is the caring, diligent, & VIGILANT service provided by multiple PharmDs but especially PharmD Tim, who has handled each & every Physician Ordered Compounded Liquid Medication. This is no small feat, given the years of COVID-19, difficulties obtaining medications needed, staffing quandaries, & so much more, that I am unaware of. However, I do know everyone is experiencing shortages, multiple in nature, yet I & my Family have received above par care, in my opinion.Thank you, PharmD Tim & all other ancillary staff.Sincerely,Lenice Arlene Folse(Recently at Houston County Hospital where RN Jessica proved to completely understand Addison’s Disease, why my Gastroenteritis with a 24 mm Ulcer, etc., impacted my health & WHY the Walmart Compounded Medication was so Important.)

Review №9


Shopping is great, lots of options, prices ok. But why do I have to ring up my purchases?! Too many self checkouts. I dont work there...

Review №10


Can you imagine this is the district headquarters?Update: I have to lower the stars to 1. This place has become indescribably terrible. The employees have gone from rude to outright hostile, and from lackadaisical to outright lazy. Basically clumping up and just talking to each other and putting their fingers in your face when you ask for help. Ill post pictures.The eye has clearly been taken off the ball at this Walmart. From isles with clearance balloons that have no clearness items, entire departments with no way to get help (e. g. Jewelry and sporting goods.) Dont get me started on automotive), many unmarked or incorrectly priced items, and inadequate open registers with long lines. If I need anything that might require assistance, I go to Wal-Mart across town. These are the same sort of issues Kmart had and why people stopped going. Its unfortunate to see all the tepid or negative reviews, but not much being done about them. Time for some competition.

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