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Phone: +1 706-653-6155
Opening hours
  • Monday:4–8PM
  • Tuesday:4–8PM
  • Wednesday:4–8PM
  • Thursday:4–8PM
  • Friday:4–8PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.8

29 Reviews for Wons Martial Arts 2023:

Review №1


Transformational for our kids. We love Won’s. Great instructors. Helped our kids become more disciplined but still have fun! Amazingly supportive environment and elite level training. Great community among the parents and competitive in a really healthy way that inspires the kids to be their best (both in karate and in life). Other pluses are awesome diversity (age, gender, and ethnicity) which just echoes the awesome environment that exists there.

Review №2


I wanted to give it some time before posting any reviews but it’s been a couple months now so here goes: I thought learning karate would benefit my grandson who has autism. I researched to find the best school and Won’s won (pun intended, the name fits!) hands down for reputation and stellar reviews! My grandson got started and has gotten his yellow belt so far. I have the satisfaction of knowing he’s getting some exercise a few times a week but also receiving world class, correct instruction as well. I have seen a kid who said ‘can’t’ a lot become a kid who believes he CAN. He’s learning to control his emotions, to physically do things he couldn’t before and he absolutely loves his instructors! Thrilled that he’s getting a good dose of self control and a desire to achieve and learning to accept correction and we are watching him changing right before our eyes. Wons has great videos on YouTube that he can watch for practice and review and he’s quickly learned the value of doing that as he goes to class completely confident and prepared. I know this is lengthy but I have to address the instructors. These young people are phenomenal! I have seen our grandson thrive under their tutelage. They are kind, respectful, gentle but so positive that I think they get the utmost out of the students. Hunter, Houston, Ben and Lilli are ones that really stand out and we have had several private lessons with Lilli. One class with her and my husband, daughter and I were astonished. She also could power a city with her energy. Amy Won and Bertie have been there to always answer our questions and walk us through everything and we come in and go to the great viewing area and enjoy seeing progress happening before our eyes. We are cheerleaders for the other kids too because we’ve seen them just starting out also. Someday we’ll be wowed when we see them on the famous K.I.C.K. team doing incredible kicks and spins. So FINALLY, if you’ve read this far, you might guess that I definitely recommend this school. And if your kid has autism or is on the spectrum, know that they will thrive under the dynamic team that is Won’s Martial Arts. From Judy, Tom, Jessy and Ben

Review №3


Great atmosphere and great environment!!! All around great leadership and instruction by all the instructors at Wons martial arts Columbus!! Love being a student here!!

Review №4


When you witness black belts sweeping the floor and masters opening doors and wishing you well you know you have found a place that will make you a better person. These people will help you. Ive lost 16 pounds and in the greatest shape of my life. I highly recommended joining Wons martial arts!!

Review №5


My son just started and loves it. Hes 6 and is doing great. His instructor is Eva, shes amazing.Hes learning karate but also working on listening and paying attention!

Review №6


Wons Martial Arts is by far the best martial arts school around. The instruction is World Class and everyone is friendly and kind. If you are looking for a strong sense of community and a family environment then this is the place to train.

Review №7


Wonderful place! Very professional and my childs experience has been nothing but positive.

Review №8


Since 2008, Wons Martial Arts has had a major impact on my life. From being the skinny little girl with the long hair who got picked on as a child to becoming not only a black belt, but a young lady that is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and is known for her leadership skills, I am beyond blessed and thankful for Wons Martial Arts which has given me the opportunities to become who I am today. Without Mr. Won and his other instructors I would not have obtained the confidence that I have in myself or the knowledge of discipline and leadership skills that have.WMA is like no other martial arts academy around. As a part of the staff, I can honestly say that when you make the decision to join our program you are not only signing up for martial arts, but also a family where we support and encourage each not only through training but throughout our personal lives as well. We are committed to promoting martial arts, but also emphasizing on the importance of many life skills and principles such as discipline, loyalty, confidence, education, and perseverance.Not as a WMA staff member, but as an extremely thankful student, I would highly recommend Wons Martial Arts to anyone interested in pursing the career of a martial artist, with low self esteem or with disciplinary issues. Our classes are very well organized for different ages and ranks as well as small instructor-student ratios. The highly qualified staff is always there to help and to make sure that each student is the best possible version of themselves.

Review №9


Been in and out of this TKD school since 1999. Through the years, the instructors may have come and gone but the establishment has always been amazing. They strive to make sure you know your techniques before awarding you your next belt instead of just giving them out like most schools around here do. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

Review №10


Ive known Mr. Won since the 90s and I was in a different martial art. Hes always had a good reputation and held in high regard for quality instruction. Mr. and Mrs. Won not only provide quality and authentic instruction, but they are some of the best people anyone could ever meet. They genuinely care about people and go out of their way to show it. Im a better person because of the training they provide and especially because of the friendship they give. I wouldnt dream of going anywhere else and in retrospect I wish I wouldve started training at Wons years ago. My daughter goes to the Phenix City school and I go to the Columbus school. Whoever said that all Wons cares about is trophies must be talking about someone else because its not true here. Ive been to Korea twice and plan on going a third time. Wons Martial Arts teaches authentic Taekwondo and Hapkido self defense. Training is well rounded and transcends tournament and trophies.

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