Woodlawn Square Shopping Center in Marietta

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Total reviews rating 4.4

155 Reviews for Woodlawn Square Shopping Center 2023:

Review №1


Good selection of stores. Health Store, Grocery Store, UPS Store and some more unique stores as well. I probably would have given 4 but I lost my wallet when I went last and someone turned it in to police so youre around good people there.

Review №2


My Lidl closed in Sandy Springs so I ran over to the Johnson Ferry one. Would recommend shopping here theres so much Half Price Books, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A. A couple other small restaurants and other things if you live around there I recommend you check it out.

Review №3


Great location. Easy in and out. Just cant beat having a Walmart Marketplace an awesome vape shop and a package store in the same shopping center!

Review №4


Largest home depot Ive seen aroundAll inside. Wood treated well too. Lots of must see home decor.

Review №5


Hollywood Feed knows my dog, Starbucks knows her too, and half price books still keeps masks mandatory....

Review №6


Amazing store! Well organized. Staff kind and professional. Great prices.

Review №7


So freaking expensive!!! My daughter got us some English Clotted Cream as a treat. She wasnt able to find scones to put it on in our local stores so when I saw this store I hoped they would have them. They did. I have to say this store is VERY proud of their products. They charged $6.99 for 4 small blueberry scones. Ridiculous. Never again. The scones werent even that good.

Review №8


Conveniently located near all of my favorite shops. Lidl, Sprouts, Trader Joes.

Review №9


The bridal consultant was very helpful and they had a large selection. Also offered is that if you like the skirt from one dress and the bodice of another, then they will combine the two.

Review №10


J. Christophers serves a very good breakfast. Several options to select from. Good service as well.